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Fringe Comic #0 – The Prequel

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Posting about the comics is something I have been wanting to do for sometime now, but I was unable to get my hands on all of the issues.  Many thanks goes out to our very own Bradbury for contributing the scans of the comics and his observations and theories about them.

The Fringe Preview Comic (officially titled “Fringe 2022 Convention Exclusive”) is the prequel to the six-part “FRINGE” comic book series from WildStorm Productions. It was distributed as a freebie at the San Diego Comic-Con convention in July 2022.


The prequel comic had 5 pages, each touching on a different pattern case.  Some we’ve seen in the episodes, some we haven’t.  Here are scans of the 5 pages.




Dead Cattle with Human Organs
On December 22, 2007, in a ranch 27 miles outside of Topeka, Kansas, 210 healthy head of cattle die. Autopsies reveal that the carcasses all contain human organs.

“In the story about the 210 head of cattle, one can see the reflection of the “3 orbs” in the eye of the dead cow. I know of no other place in an episode or a comic that these three orbs has appeared yet.”

“I think those orbs sort of look like one of the images we see in the video from Case 0091-Evidence 0002, they show the triangle of orbs twice.”

“The dating of the cattle incident is 12/22/2007 outside of Topeka, KS.  In “Dreamscape”, Mark Young was found to have plane tickets for a flight to Omaha, NE scheduled for 12/22/2022.  Could this be linking the events with the cattle to MD?”


Moratuwa Tsunami Disaster
On March 8, 2022, off the southwest coast of Sri Lanka, a high-pitched frequency badly damages a fishing boat, shattering windows and disabling the engine. This occurs just moments after a plane of unknown origin and design flew close to the ocean’s surface at high speed.

An hour later, an offshore earthquake measuring 8.7 on the Richter scale creates a tsunami that wipes out the nearby city of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka, killing 83,000 people. There are no aftershocks, as no one outside of Moratuwa experiences or feels any effects of the tsunami or earthquake.

“The Tsunami story is mentioned by Broyles in the pilot (with “real” pictures) and was also part of the official Fringe Press kit packet sent out by Fox containing part of Broyles’ case files”

“Here is the official Fringe Press kit for those who haven’t seen it.”


Adam Sears
On April 24, 1998, a boy named Adam Sears disappeared from a church parking lot in Chicago. He is found a decade later asleep in the loading dock of a pharmaceutical factory outside Munich, Germany, and is returned to his family exactly 10 years after he was reported lost. He hasn’t aged a day, nor does he have any memories of anything that happened over the last decade. In Pilot, it is revealed that 46 other kids – including John Thompson – were also reported missing in 1998, only to turn up halfway around the world in 2022, without having aged.

“The Adam Sears story is not mentioned by Broyles directly, however a similiar story about a boy named John Thompson is mentioned in the Pilot and again in the press kit that was mailed out by Fox.  In the comic story, Adam Sears disappears from Chicago (where Nina Sharp is from and one of Brian Dempsey’s victims is killed in “No Brainer”)”

“Adam Sears is found outside a pharmaceutical company in Munich, Germany (more German ties) Adam Sears also went missing back in 1998 (same year that Susan Pratt went missing from “The Road Not Taken”, the same year Ben Stockton from “The Equation” was born, and the same year Joanne Ostler from “The Equation” disappeared from her car accident.”

“Here are the photos of John Thompson and the Tsunami that Broyles shows Olivia in the Pilot”


Lisbon incident
On May 11, 2022, 87-year-old Javier Aguilar wakes up from a 23-year coma, unable to talk nor communicate. However, he writes down a series of seemingly random numbers, which turn out to be precise real-time coordinates of every U.S. Navy ship in the Pacific at the moment he woke up.

The Lisbon incident is mentioned by Broyles directly in the Pilot and again in the press kit.


The Taylor Incident
This occurs July 19, 2022 in Portland, Oregon. Although this issue doesn’t go into great detail about this incident, the drawings indicate that it involves a birth gone horribly wrong. After the delivery, the baby is placed in the arms of the mother, who becomes horrified at what she sees. Professor Ku indicates that this incident will be described in detail that afternoon, “from a neonatal perspective.”

“The Taylor incident isn’t mentioned by Broyles or anywhere else in an episode, however it would appear linked to the events that took place in the “Same Old Story” episode, with the exception that it happened in Portland.  All of the events surrounding Christopher Penrose apparently happened in New York and New Jersey since 1996. I only know of one link to the Pacific Northwest and that would be to John Mosley in “The Arrival” who came from Seattle, WA.”


There are also character Bios included with the Prequel issue.  You can view them on the Downloads Page near the bottom.  Here are some observation made by Bradbury about the Bios.

“Olivia was born in NC, not Jacksonville, FL.  Even though her father was stationed at a Naval base in Jacksonville, Fayetteville is best known for Fort Bragg, a US Army base.”

“Olivia attended UNC Chapel Hill (possible further link to “Little Hill”?)”

“Peter Bishop and Olivia are not the same age”

“Walter’s birthplace is listed as London, England (making him originally a British national). David Robert Jones was also born in England.”

“Walter’s age is listed as 62 years old.  Also in the pilot, Olivia claims Walter was born in 1946, backing up this birthdate.  HOWEVER, a closeup of Walter’s drivers licence (in the pilot) reveals a birthdate of 1948, which would make Walter 60 years old. The 60 year old birthdate is further backed up by Walter’s claim in the final Comic #6. So both ages have supporting evidence in the comics and the series. Which is it? Is this further evidence of two Walter’s?”

“Broyles has a B.A. in Theology. Hmm ….”

“John Scott went to college at Ohio State. In “Ability” Nina tells us that William Bell conducted cortexiphan trials at Ohio State back in the early 80’s”

“Astrid speaks 5 languages”

“Nina Sharp attended Northwestern. The child in “Inner Child” can be seen wearing a Northwestern sweatshirt throughout much of the episode —-  a college that Olivia never attended.”

“In Nina’s picture, she can be seen wearing the “leaf necklace” as well as the strange cubical bracelet around her robotic arm that can be seen in the pilot.”

Actually, she is wearing the exact same outfit.  Leaf necklace and all.


Thanks again to Bradbury for all his help.  I will continue with “Fringe Comic #1″ in a week or so.

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  1. Di

    the cattle incident reminded me to the case referred to on case 0091, but if i recall correctly, it was about deed sheep, tenths of sheep that just showed up dead one morning, forming some sort of shape. some sort of cornfield alien pattern but formed by dead creatures.

    PS: hello everybody

  2. Scully

    Hey Di. it’s great to hear from you. The cattle incident does sort of resemble the sheep incident, doesn’t it? With the exception of the human organs, I guess.

  3. Mic

    Bob Dunn’s girlfriend was in Portland on business when he had his spinal fluid sucked out by Valerie Boone in Midnight. Not much of a link, more of an honorable mention, I guess.

    (Hello, Di!)

  4. Bradbury

    Nice Portland reference! I totally forgot about the Midnight thing!

  5. Tracy

    i am a fan from Hong Kong
    i would like to know where i can read the comics?

  6. Bradbury

    I believe, if I’m not mistaken —- that all of the comics will be posted here on this site over the next few weeks for you to read