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Fringe Comic #0 - The Prequel

Posting about the comics is something I have been wanting to do for sometime now, but I was unable to get my hands on all of the issues.  Many thanks goes out to our very own Bradbury for contributing the scans of the comics and his observations and theories about them.

The Fringe Preview Comic (officially titled “Fringe 2022 Convention Exclusive”) is the prequel to the six-part “FRINGE” comic book series from WildStorm Productions. It was distributed as a freebie at the San Diego Comic-Con convention in July 2022.


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Call for Fringe Comic Help!

Has anyone read all of the Fringe comics and has lots of theories and opinions?


This is a call for help to anyone who might be interested in writing some posts about the Fringe Comic Books. I would like the posts to include a short synopsis, any correlations to the show, any differences or inconsistencies with the show and of course any theories about the storylines that you have.

I would like one every week to week and a half so that we can fit them all in by the end of the summer.  I will give you complete credit and I can even get a hold of some scans of some of the pages to add to your posts.  All you would have to do is e-mail me your post, I will check for spelling and grammar errors, add the pics and post it for you.

I would really appreciate any help that you can give me on this, as many people are asking about the Comics, and I would love to be able to fill this gap in my Fringe Blog site.

Please let me know, and thanks in advance.


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Wildstorm produces “Fringe” comic book series

D.C. Comics’ ‘Wildstorm’ is releasing a six issue miniseries to tie in with Fringe. The first of the mini-series was released in September, 2022…

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