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Apr 29,

Clue for 118 hidden in 117

Easter Eggs | Fringe - 117 Bad Dreams | Fringe - 118 Midnight | Next Episode Clues | Posted by Scully

This is my best guess as to last week’s clue.

Poster in Police Station


There were a couple of other options, but this seems the most likely.  It kind of looks like a man who has had his spine ripped out through his neck.  There would definitely be a lot of blood.  If anyone has any other shots they think might be more likely, let me know.


UPDATE:  Thanks to sigma, I now know that this poster was not the clue, so on to candidate number 2…

Subway sign from "Bad Dreams"

Time and name of the episode "Midnight"


I didn’t choose this one first, because there has never been a clue that points to the title of the next episode before.  But when you take the clock and after hours bar into account, this does seem more likely.

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6 Responses to “Clue for 118 hidden in 117”

  1. Cortexafiend

    This might be a stretch but the tattoo of the tree looks similar to the spines that were ripped out.

  2. sigma

    that reward poster cant be the clue.
    i found the same poster on the wall in the last “the unusuals” episode. both shows are shot in the NYC area right? so probably only the same requisite. http://bayimg.com/image/mappcaabf.jpg

  3. sigma

    well yeah thats from NYC: http://www.flickr.com/photos/micky_/520538757/

  4. Scully

    That’s amazing. Thanks sigma. Back to the drawing board.

  5. fernando

    yea this poster was on snl — 03/14/ :

  6. fernando

    ^^ didnt let me post images so here are the links:
    PIC — http://img6.imageshack.us/img6/2563/90838227.png

    VID — http://www.hulu.com/watch/62446/saturday-night-live-scared-straight

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