Apr 25,


Easter Eggs | Fringe - 117 Bad Dreams | Theories & Speculation | Posted by Scully

Another update on the elusive yellow-red-blue pattern.  For those who missed it, you can read the original post here, and the first update here.  For those who have been following, I found another example of the yellow-red-blue pattern at the beginning of Episode 17 - “Bad Dreams”.



Her Metropass was also red, yellow and blue.  This is starting to become more than mere coincidence.

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5 Responses to “Yellow-Red-Blue…again!!”

  1. possible clues to the colors

    A couple of other links were found on another forum I thought might be of use to this investigation —-

    * Walter’s LabNotes from epi. 1.05 show the King of Cups tarot card in RED BLUE AND YELLOW (haven’t we seen this color combination in cups before?)

    * The Fringe Comic Book Story “Stranger on a Train” might tell you exactly what the colors mean, almost in a definition fashion (if you choose to view it this way)— complete with Grand Central Station reference and all

  2. pr3sidentspence

    Maybe this has been mentioned before, but unlike most drugs, the drugs in Fringe are often coloured, as well.

    In The Cure the red IV drug makes you better, the blue makes you special. And Liv, of course, doesn’t like yellow m&ms because they remind her of medicine she took as a child.

  3. Scully

    That is sooo true! It’s the blue that I have been wondering about. I keep expecting to see an episode dominated by blue, like the two episodes that were dominated by red and yellow.

    I wonder if the blue is the ‘blue lights’? Maybe the between-world traveling is the final clue to the yellow-red-blue pattern. But why is the order of the colors important?

  4. konggrio

    The colors of the Romania flag are blue, yellow and red. Allizee Zeva is Rumanian, probably very soon let’s see an episode that treats on her.

  5. Ph8

    The lights of the equipment that Walter used to “enduce” Olivia were yellow and red, with one more collor as well green maybe?

    I believe in one of the shots on that scene we see a blueish\white light in the corner of the screen.

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