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May 10,

Where is William Bell?

Fringe - 119 The Road Not Taken | Fringe - 120 There's More Than One Of Everything | Theories & Speculation | Posted by Scully

I was just reviewing the spoiler for the finale…





“Leonard Nimoy hops on board as William Bell. Olivia is gonna find herself in an odd position, she’s been searching for him, looking for answers as to what experiments he may have done on her [as a child], but suddenly, she’s going to have to protect Bell from a familiar foe.”

William Bell


In an interview with Anna Torv she says that it’s not so much THAT she meets Bell, but WHERE she meets Bell.


What if Olivia meets William Bell in her alternate universe. Maybe ‘HE IS HERE’ is the next episode clue. Nina said to Broyles ‘He is traveling’ in reference to Bell, but it was the way she said it. Like using the word ‘traveling’ was true, just not in the conventional way.


What if William Bell is somehow trapped in another dimension or hiding? Maybe this is why he is never around.


I don’t know who the ‘familiar foe’ would be…maybe Jones? Or what about John Scott? He might not be dead in that universe. Back to the tombstone ‘HE’S NOT DEAD’.


Just a thought.

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27 Responses to “Where is William Bell?”

  1. Vini (jeff)

    As I said in another post, for me he was in the inner earth!

  2. pr3sidentspence

    It appears in the preview (at least the one I saw in Canada, sometimes they’re different). That Jones teleports her to where she meets Bell.

  3. pr3sidentspence

    I second the John Scott is alive in the alternate timeline… in fact, I posit that someting like Olivia deciding not to call the APB on him is what caused the existance of the alternate timeline… it’s the choice that causes the split.

  4. Adam

    I think that Olivia will meet up with John in the alternate timeline sometime in the next season to learn more answers.

  5. p3sidentspence


    Ok. I just saw the Canadian preview for tonight’s show and it has huge spoilers. Since we’re so close, I’m not even going to post it, but let’s just say that we’ve nailed it in a few theories.

  6. Di

    Mike don’t be a tease! hahahahaha i’m so proud of us! let’s make yay a word!

  7. Vini

    send the link for the canadian promo please !!!
    tks !

  8. pr3sidentspence

    I watched it on the CTV website, but you may not be able to if you’re outside Canada.

    It’s moot by now anyway.

  9. pr3sidentspence



    Ok, so we’re right on the many worlds thing, but we pretty much knew that. Walter Bell is where we thought he was. And the world is more than a little bit different. And we know what might have caused the difference… the absense of Peter.

    Ok… another question, where is the alternate world’s William Bell? Also, it sounds like ZFT is a splinter group from Bell/MD.

    It was a nice bit of foreshadowing that Peter didn’t remember collecting coins when he was sick… he never was sick.

    Ok… predictions:
    - Jones is not dead, both halves will heal in both worlds.
    - Somehow Peter helped cause 9/11.. (maybe completely unintentionally and indirectly)

  10. mandy

    This entire show was created by Bush administration officials to directly (albeit fictionally still) connect Iraq and 9/11

  11. Mic

    They’re all good points, pr3sidentspence– this episode was a perfect example of JJ Abrams writing style I think. Answer just enough questions to open up more questions, right? I’m not sure about Jones healing in both worlds. He looked like he was suffering from radiation poisoning (which Walter alluded to as a side effect from teleportation in Bad Dreams), but of course the other world could have made significant advances in medicine along with all the other accomplishments. And maybe William Bell is hiding in yet another dimension from yet another Jones? (Is this “many worlds” thing giving anyone else a headache?)

  12. Di

    this is way too much. Scully, Mic, Mike [and the rest of the usuals]..we need to rally, ASAP hahahaha start taking your notes, we’ve got our work cut out for the summer [and please try to imagine if by a fluke of the alternate universes fringe had not been picked up again..we'd be alternatively shooting ourselves right now!]

  13. p3sidentspence




    I don’t think Jones is really Human anymore. I think he’s basically sentient cancer now. Liv’s bullets coulnd’t hurt him. I think he has Wolverine style regeneration ability.

  14. Mic

    @Di– I’ll entertain a lot of crazy notions on this site, i.e. other dimensions, teleportation, re-animation, etc., but Fringe not getting picked up for a second season was never one of them– my head would have popped off by itself!

    @pr3s– Oohhh, that’s just Fringe/gross enough to work! I hope he does come back– he’s a great bad guy.

    I’m thinking about researching a timeline of Fringe to see if there’s a clue in when things happened and to organize my own thoughts a little. Does anybody think it’s worth it?

  15. Di

    something else..we’ve now seen alternate realities and their inhabitants. there’s more than one of everything the observer said. peter got u-hauled from one reality to the other, leaving the alternate reality peter-less. 2 things are worth being pondered: a) the observer is not from another reality, as they’re just like ‘us’. the inner world theory could shed some light on this, but he’s not that ‘tall’ as the inner people are described; and b) where are the alternate universe’s bell and olivia [and i ask about them as they're the only two we've seen 'crossing over' rather seamlessly]. i’m sure that if bell found a way to go to the other side, he could’ve shared that with nina [his right hand] and she could be crossing over just as to meet with him, but she doesn’t, and it looks like she can’t for that matter. and for some reason it looks like bell has been somehow trapped on the other reality, as he also doesn’t cross back, and also apparently can’t.

    oh! and sorry guys, but jones looked pretty fried to be, and it wasn’t even a complete half that got taken off on the other side. just like with harris this seems like another sudden elimination. and please let’s not even go over the weird looks between nina and broyles every time olivia mentioned something about the universes. he-knows-a-lot!

  16. vini

    Agree with Di … good points … but i was expecting more from the last episode, am i too demanding ?

  17. Mic

    Has anyone checked out the screencaps of the NY Post from the last episode? It’s going to open up a lot of conversations… And it leads me to believe that we haven’t gone back far enough to have found what split that world off– not Peter, not John Scott. Nope, I think we have to go waaaay back.

  18. Scully

    @Mic: A timeline is something I have been working on for a while, but you wouldn’t believe the problems that I have been having. In a couple of weeks I will probably post the first portion and then get feedback from everyone about what is missing or incorrect, so jot anything down that you have and set is aside.

  19. Mic

    OK, Scully, will do.

  20. p3sidentspence

    If it seems impossible, Scully, it may be the the show has inconsistancies, as it does with the puzzle and the actual lab.

  21. Scully

    No kidding, I can’t even nail down the season sometimes because they reuse the shots of the university and the fbi building over and over and over again.

  22. ariannejean

    I think when Liv get transported to the other world she changes total location. She ends up in one of the twin towers does she not?

  23. vini

    Yes, the ones not destroyed in the alternate universe … there seems we didnt have 9/11 …

  24. pr3sidentspence

    What bugs me is, and always does with these mirror world stories in Sci-Fi (Star Trek is a terrible offender). Is the idea that you can change even something major 50 years ago in the past, and yet not only did no one’s parents meet someone else, but even the same sperm and egg managed to meet at the same time, and products of such matings had such similar life experiences that they end up working in the same jobs, with the same people.

    Even a TINY change in the past could domino into enormous changes in the future. Butterfly effects and all that.

    So, if you bring the change in the timelines as far back as say the assassination of JFK, then most of the people in the world born after that (at least by parents who might have been the slightest bit affected by that, say who stopped for 5 minutes to watch the news) would not exist, let alone put their files, pager, etc. in exactly the same spots beside their black or red phones.

  25. vini

    again, many many possibilities … lets see how JJ Abrahms will handle that, in Lost we still dont know, but characters are trying to change the past and we have the same dilema … what would really happen, is that possible, travel back and change things … or this is possible only if in another universe or reality, etc … lets see!
    anyway, things are more than open now … right, i have no clue which line of thought show will follow.

  26. Mic

    Absolutely agree with the irritation, pr3. The opportunity for change is endless and so would be the varying worlds. They can’t logically explain it all. And Scully– wow, I see what you mean about the timeline. I feel I’m guessing at what they mean as much as taking notes. Vague as usual.

  27. Suga Mama

    I don’t know how to make a timeline. Is it possible to make a linear list?

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