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Sep 28,

What I found & What I didn’t find – Easter Eggs 201

Easter Eggs | Fringe - 201 A New Day in the Old Town | Posted by Scully

On the back of my long winded complaint about how there are very little Easter Eggs in the first two Episodes, I should take the time to review the few things I did find, and the things that have been pointed out to me by others.  Thanks to the help of other devoted fans, I have discovered that there are a lot more Easter Eggs in this episode than I thought.  I officially apologize for jumping the gun.

- The first thing I should mention is that the title sequence has changed a little this year.  Last year the list of Fringe Sciences that were written on the screen were as follows: “Psychokinesis, Teleportation, Nanotechnology, Dark Matter, Cybernetics, Suspended Animation, Artificial Intelligence, Precognition, Psychokinesis, and Transmogrification“.  This year, the Fringe Sciences that are written on the screen are as follows: “Astral Projection, Protoscience, Mutation, Hypnosis, Pyrokinesis, Hive Mind, ESP, Neurosciece, Clairaudience, Cryonics, Parallel Universes,  and Genetic Engineering“.

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Episode 201 – “A New Day in the Old Town”

- In the opening scene just as the Observer walks across the screen, I had noticed a sign with the name of company on it called “GRUNO & DUNDER”.  I Googled it but didn’t have any luck, so I dismissed it.

My thanks goes out to Cyberprimate over at A Pack of Fringe for pointing out that it is actually an anagram.  If you take out the & and rearrange the letters…you get ‘UNDERGROUND”.  I was just tickled pink to discover this.  Is this possibly the Next Episode Clue for Episode 202?  If it is, than my theory that I am simply losing my touch might be correct after all.


- I also noticed these signs that read “New York Nights”, but I don’t know if there is hidden meaning in it or not.


- This is the screen cap of the X-Files clip that I mentioned in a previous post…someone told me it is from an episode in Season 6 called ‘Dreamland’, but I cannot confirm that.  They make a second reference to X-Files later in the episode when Broyles is being interviewed by the committee.  Senator Kenneth Taylor says “The old “X” designation and your fringe investigations have been indulgences in the federal budget for over half a century.” Thanks again to Cyberprimate for letting me know that the actor (Ken Camroux) who played the Senator on the committee in Fringe, also had a role in X-Files as Senior Agent #2  on the shadowy committees in 5 X-Files episodes.  It was also said there was another X-files reference at the very end of the episode after bad robot and the credits.  Apparently they played the x-files sound, but I cannot confirm that either.


- This is a huge screw-up on my part.  For some reason when I was watching the first two episodes…I was looking for the number ’42′.  It occurred to me last night that 42 is not the number that is relevant to us.  Anyone familiar with J.J. Abrams’ work (Alias and Lost) might know that ’47′ seems to be one of his favorite numbers and you will find it throughout his shows.  With my apologies, and this in mind, I have now discovered a couple of Easter Eggs that I didn’t find before.


- It has been suggested that all of the telephones here could be a reference to William Bell.


- I am throwing in this one, just in case.  Is this ‘Peter #2′ of sorts, or a legitimate logo?


2 Responses to “What I found & What I didn’t find – Easter Eggs 201”

  1. afro

    I love the X-Files references. When i noticed them in 201, i loved the Fringe show even more!

    Don’t these two references contradict each other though?

    The first one with the scene from the X-Files episode, implies that X-Files was a tv show in this universe as well.

    But the second one, at the committee, implies that the X-Files division was a reality… Especially with having the same actor playing the same role as in X-Files.

    So, which one is it?? I would prefer if it was actually the same universe, and they made references to Mulder and Scully )). But then they would have no choice but to include aliens at some point in the show (probably a bad thing).

    So i think X-Files is just a show in the Fringe universe, that happens to be “loosely” based on a real X-division of the F.B.I.

    Just a few thoughts

  2. Pr3s

    Dead on with underground.