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Sep 30,

What I found & What I didn’t find – Easter Eggs 202

Easter Eggs | Fringe - 202 Night of Desirable Objects | Posted by Scully

With the help of some very observant Fringe fans, I have compiled a list of Easter Eggs for Episode 202 – Night of Desirable Objects.  Once again, I apologize to the fans and all of the writers for claiming that they were not fulfilling my weekly need for puzzles. I think I was just rusty after a long summer with no puzzles to solve.  (Although I still stand by my complaint about the viral sites and Walter’s lab notes).


- A huge thanks goes out to fm11 for this tidbit.  The house used as the Hughes house was also used in two episodes of ‘X-Files – S2E12 ‘Aubrey’ and S4E02 ‘Home’.  Here are the shots of the Hughes house, as well as shots from both X-Files episodes.  Looks like the same house to me…with a face lift, of course.  Is it a shout-out or just a coincidence?  X-Files was also filmed in Vancouver…you be the judge.


- It was suggested to me that the graffiti on the wall behind Charlie might be…

a Van Gogh self portrait.  It certainly looks like it could be, but what does it mean?  It is the Next Episode Clue for 203?


- Two of the obvious Easter Eggs this week were the flower & frog in the lab…reference to the glyphs.


- In last week’s episode I had pointed out the number ’02′ on the badge on Peter’s jacket.  Underneath the number it says ‘TRIUMPH’…I just figured that was a brand name, so I didn’t mention it.  But then this week, I noticed the word on the cash register…it says “PROSPER”.  Prosper, Triumph…coincidence, or are they trying to tell us something?


- There were two very prominent color patterns last season.  (#1- Green, Green, Green, Red) and (#2- Yellow, Red, Blue).  I don’t know if these are intentional, but I like to think they are.


- A shout goes out to Cyberprimate for the following possible movie and TV references:

1. The fly buzzing around Olivia during the scene in the Sheriff’s office could be a reference to the David Cronenberg movie “The Fly”.

2. Sheriff Golightly has the same last name as Audrey Hepburn’s character in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

3. The typewriter used in the first two episodes could be a reference to the film “Naked Lunch”.

4. The name of the specialist recommended by Nina Sharp has the last name as Greg Grunberg’s character (CIA agent Weiss) in J.J. Abrams “Alias”.


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  1. Pr3s

    Weiss is German for white. Gotta love these german names all the time.