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May 13,

Walter’s lab notes – 120

Fringe - 120 There's More Than One Of Everything | Walter's Lab Notes | Posted by Scully

lab notes for "There's More Than One Of Everything"


Project 617- Exploration 1


The Images:

A picture drawn by Peter when he was a child and the missing Ethics pages from the ZFT manifesto.


The Note:

There is confirmation that the puzzle from the last few episodes was indeed the floorplan for Walter’s lab, and the spiral was leading to a hiding place for something that is, as of yet, undisclosed.


The word brain is speed incorrectly; ‘brane’.

10 Responses to “Walter’s lab notes – 120”

  1. p3sidentspence

    Brane is a another physics thing. Short for membrane, it refers to string theory, and vibrations in loops of “string” on an 10 or 11 dimensional membrane.

    Here’s three hours of explanation:


  2. Di

    our own personal physicist never lets us down, does he? if only he could break it down on layman’s i’d be so happy! [not to mention on fully understanding]

  3. pr3sidentspence

    I thinking about this a bit. There’s a theory that the big bang was a collision between two branes.

    It’s hard/impossible for humans to think in more than 3 spatial dimensions, what we do to make it possible is to imagine universes with only one or two dimensions. A 2-space universe is ususally called flatland. It can be thought of as an infinitely large piece of paper. Now imagine that you stack these universes together like a stack of paper.

    There can be many infinite universes, just never touching because they are separated in the next spatial

    The the extents of things in the 6 or 7 other dimensions of our universe are thought to be incredibly small. Essensially, in superstring theory our universe can co-exist with other universes but never (mostly) see them because they are separated from us in a dimension we can’t percieve.

    It’s thought that if these 10 or 11 dimensional sheets (or branes) were to touch (imagine crushing to sheets of paper together at some point, or maybe two wide rubber bands placed a little appart from eachother and that are vibrating, those vibrations could cause the two to touch in some places) you could get spectacular things happening(like the big bang).

    I think this is discussed in the elegant universe shows I linked to earlier, but I might have seen it somewhere else at some point.

    Two worlds, on a collision corse, only one can survive…

    Or maybe it’s just a typo.


  4. ariannejean

    haha. I think it’s too significant of a separate meaning to be a typo. Maybe it was intended as a pun though.

  5. Scully

    @pr3: what would I do without you.

  6. Di

    @mike @scully

    absolutely nothing! i’m predicting a virtual fruit basked on his near future

  7. p3sidentspence

    This short chunk of the Elegant Universe is pretty useful.

    Some of the visualization looks just like Fringe.


  8. Mic

    Ok, I’ve watched the video and even watched some of the more in-depth videos to get a better idea of all the theories involved and the progression of logic that led to there even being a need for the string theory. I waited to post until I was pretty sure I got it, (feel free to shoot me down, pr3) but this is what I relate to Fringe’s parallel worlds. The membranes are undulating or at least able to flex, but never touch. Picture 2 trampoline-like universes, one on top of the other. Like a concentrated weight of a body pressing down on the strechy fabric to bring it closer to the one below, so does the odd occurences of the pattern weigh down the fabric of our world bringing the dimensions closer. More of a brushing together than a collision. The device used by Jones sent out sonic frequencies that vibrated the membranes and brought them close enough that people could perceive the other dimension and also allow Jones to cross over. Like the circular strings are able to pass from one dimension to another so is Olivia (and possibly the other Cortexiphan children, from what Walter said). Am I close?

  9. Mic

    Did some rethinking after reading the lab notes and remembering bits of the script– The occurences don’t cause the undulation, the pattern of occurences is a result of the crumbling of the “wall” between the dimensions. The undulation where the membranes get close are caused by advances in science. I think….

    The fig tree reference in the notes is from a poem by Sylvia Plath, a poetess who committed suicide in 1963, I believe. Might show Walter’s tortured state of mind. Also the “tis not so deep as a well, nor so wide as a church door” is a quote from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, when Mercutio is mortally wounded.

  10. Mic

    Does anyone else think that looks like the Observer driving the pointy car?