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Nov 19, 2022

Walter’s lab notes – 108

Fringe - 108 The Equation | Walter's Lab Notes | Posted by Scully

"The Equation" lab notes


Project 577 – Exploration 5


The Images:

A picture of the equation on the wall, a composite sketch of Joanne, a music sheet and some Christmas lights in a green, green, red sequence.


The Note:

3 Responses to “Walter’s lab notes – 108”

  1. Fringeling

    As mentioned above in the St. Claire pattern thread, combine these lab notes with the lab notes from the Equation. I just bet there is a motherload of answers in all of it….

  2. contagion

    I just re-read both notes and it does seem to have similar parts, the visitor-he is referring to the other him from the hospital, but who is the bearded man with the pearls, and who is the fischer king?

  3. E

    I’m no musician, but I think these notes correspond to the diagonal patterns of dominoes and chess pieces in the community room in the asylum when Walter goes back there. Maybe someone with music knowledge could ‘chime’ in.