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Nov 19, 2022

Walter – the clone side

Easter Eggs | Fringe - 108 The Equation | Theories & Speculation | Posted by Scully

In the pilot episode, Olivia gets into a tank and merges her mind with John Scott’s in order to get information from him when he was dying and unable to speak. In later episodes, she starts to see John Scott live and in person, even though he is now dead (or so they think). Walter explains that when they made that connection, a part of John was left behind in Olivia, and she is now accessing that information…

In the tank


So here is my question…’What the fringe‘ is this about ??????????



So either Walter is just crazy as a loon, or something more ominous is going on here. Is it possible that Walter was cloned, merged together psychically with his clone and now he is seeing the real image of himself the same way Olivia sees John?


Furthermore, if a clone was made of Walter…maybe he is the mysterious person who keeps solving the problems Walter never solved, and finishing the experiments that Walter never finished. Who would be better suited to perfect Walter’s work than Walter himself? After all, if there is a clone, he has had 17 years to work out all of the kinks. Is it possible that the real Walter or the clone is off somewhere with William Bell, working on Massive Dynamic projects as we speak?


There was something that I noticed, but didn’t give it much thought until now. In the last episode there was one point when there was a strange reflection in Walter’s right eye…

strange reflection


At the time I thought it was strange that it was only reflecting in one eye…but I dismissed it as a lighting problem. Now I wonder if it was put there as another insight into the possibility that something is very strange about our Dr. Walter Bishop.

Is it possible that the glimmer is a sign of when he is making a psychic connection to himself, or his clone, or whomever the case may be? I guess we will have to wait and see if there is anything to my theory.

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  1. KeiGen

    Or the actor could have had cataract surgery, my dad’s ee does the same weird thing sometime. Something i weird about Walter though. A few episodes back I did have the thought that Peter could be a clone of Walter, or someone had tapped into Walter’s conciousnes the way Olivia tapped into John’s. Perhaps it is the people at St. CLaire’s who have been doing that to Walter while he was under care.