Oct 27, 2022

The tombstones

Easter Eggs | Fringe - 104 The Arrival | Theories & Speculation | Posted by Scully

During the cemetery scene, they zoom in on a few tombstones. I found three of them particularly interesting. The first one seems to be a family of Russian descent. Last name ‘M’. If you look closely, you will notice that there are five letters missing. In order, they are M,O,Y,M, and Y…’moymy’ in Russian is ‘blunder’…what the fringe!


The second one reads…

“Casey Peretti”


There was a character named Casey Peretti, played by Bill Shanks, on ‘As the World Turns’ many years ago. He was born September 7, 1961 and died of encephalitis June 13, 1990. Could just be a coincidence. I heard a rumor that Casey Peretti was also a stunt man who worked on an episode of ‘Alias’ with J.J. Abrams…but I have been unable to confirm that.

Casey Peretti

The last one reads…

“Robert Bishop”

“August 21, 1912 - December 11, 1944 “


My question is ‘who the fringe‘ is Robert Bishop? He can’t be Walter’s father since he died in 1944, and Walter wasn’t born until 1946. He is somebody important, because, the bad guy thought it was a shame that Peter never got to meet him. Is it possible that it is not a grave at all, but merely another of Walter’s hiding places?

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2 Responses to “The tombstones”

  1. Anne

    I don’t think they mean the stuntman from alias because I did find him only his name is Casey Pieretti. See on imdb.com. His date of birth is not the same and he is still alive.

    Thanks for all the posts!

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