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May 1,

The Observer speaks again.

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Here is a sneak peek at the upcoming Episode 119 – “The Road Not Taken”.



I almost peed my pants when the Observer opened his mouth and spoke.  Time to go?  Where?  Oh my God, I can’t wait until Tuesday!

8 Responses to “The Observer speaks again.”

  1. Di

    at the 8 second mark is the same linear golden spiral, perhaps that of the grainy lab notes photographs? they do say that every clue has prepared them for ‘this moment’. ah the sweet scent of answers..we’re closer to ep 20.

    and there’s september talking!

  2. Scully

    Holy hell, good eye, Di. I think I should post that shot.

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  4. Emiai

    This appears to be the US spoiler – here is an uploaded you tube version of a canadian one – as they are watching a very different angle of the next ep.
    I didnt upload it by the way. This one apears to have Harris locking up Olivia for some sinister reason.. let me know what you think.

  5. Di

    yeah i’d seen it too, and have also been trying non stop to find a better version, because there are many things i can’t get clearly. but this is definitely a much ‘complete’ preview of the episode. i’d be thrilled to be able to see the thing properly.

  6. Di

    there’s also the preview #1, which has a lot of common scenes but that also has some others that this one doesn’t show.

  7. Di


    [are you still going to read?, ok then!]

    I was checking the wikipedia episode synopsis for season one, and this is what it said about episode 20:

    “Someone with close ties to the Fringe Division is suddenly and unexpectedly attacked. ZFT bioterrorist David Robert Jones returns and Walter mysteriously disappears. The season finale guest stars Leonard Nimoy as Dr. William Bell.”

    We already knew someone was taking a bullet, fringe division can be a very vague spectrum, although i somewhat doubt it’ll be peter, and definitely not charlie again [unless he has the worst luck for a tv character in history]. Hearing about Jone’s return is comforting, maybe another test?

    but Walter taking off? after September tells him, as we saw on the preview, that ‘it is time to go’? that i simply did.not.see.coming. of course only olivia meets Bell at the finally, because Walter will simply not be there! where is september taking Walter, and i cannot believe they’re leaving us with a cliffhanger until season 2 starts!

    On other news, the long-awaited promise of details about Peter’s past is coming this next episode according to the summaries. Which makes sense [again] because those are things only Walter can reveal, and he won’t be around for the finale. I’m seriously dreading these next couple of episodes now.

  8. Jeff