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Oct 17,

The Observer – 205 “Dream Logic”

Fringe - 205 Dream Logic | The Observer | Posted by Scully

You can see the Observer walking down the stairs at the Nayak Sleep Clinic.


3 Responses to “The Observer – 205 “Dream Logic””

  1. Bubbleman

    Call me thick but…I still don’t think this is the Observer. I still don’t think we’ve seen the Observer anywhere outside of Momentum Deferred yet.

    Why is it in all these distant grainy shots the Observer is never..you know…observing? In all of Season 1 he was standing watching the events. In all of the supposed sightings in season 2, he’s never actually watching what’s going on..just walking away or staring off at something else.

    Maybe we shouldn’t be looking for the Observer. Maybe we should be looking for the guys in the trenchcoats instead?

  2. Scully

    You can’t tell by this image, but if you watch him walking down the steps, you will see him lift up his head and look directly at Olivia.

    I think it’s him.

  3. Bubbleman

    I need to pay more attention to these “distant Observers” then. Although I still wonder if there are some black trenchcoat guys walking around in the background with briefcases that we haven’t noticed yet.

    At the very least it’s nice to see they aren’t following the exact same “pattern” as Season 1. Speaking of which…maybe I missed it but has anyone even mentioned the Pattern so much as once this season? Or ZFT?