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Sep 26,

The Observer – 202 – Night of Desirable Objects

Fringe - 202 Night of Desirable Objects | The Observer | Posted by Scully

So…last week I was complaining that we didn’t have a very clear shot of the Observer.  Well, I guess I should have kept my mouth shut, because this week he his just a blip in the field.  I’m not even 100% sure this is him, but it’s my best guess because I didn’t see him anywhere else.

This is the shot just before Amy finds the Bible.


13 Responses to “The Observer – 202 – Night of Desirable Objects”

  1. Charlotte

    I was just looking and I think it’s the observer too. Also I think I might have a clue. We may be seeing another observer because he is observing someone new. Agen Jessup. What do you think Scully?

  2. Bubbleman

    I’m not convinced we’ve even seen the Observer yet this season. He was never this hard to spot before. I’m thinking he’s just not there…perhaps when he “Said too much” in S1′s finale he got in trouble with his peers?

  3. caprio4us

    I’m new here, hope to find more

    When you mentioned Amy finding the Bible, I remember the peace of the newspaper and it was little confusing by the report in it, some Phrases were duplicted as you can see in the picture i have uploaded, Can someone explain to me!


  4. caprio4us

    I Think they are trying to make the appearance of the Observer much harder to us

  5. Scully

    @ Charlotte: I think it may be possible…there were rumors that there will be other Observers this season.

    @ Bubbleman: There were a couple of episodes last season that were just like this one. A blip way in the background. In “The Transformation” and in “Bound”

    @ caprio4us: Welcome. I was actually going to include that clipping in the Fringe fumbles post.

  6. Poopy Pand

    I made a few enhancements in Photoshop:

    original screenshot from 720p mkv:

    pasted a clearer picture of Observer over 2nd ‘scarecrow’:

    enlarged clearer picture of pasted Observer:

    The clearer Observer is a composite of these two images:

    body shot:

    head shot:

  7. Poopy Panda

    I made a mock-up in Photoshop to illustrate it is ‘possible’ that the second scarecrow is indeed supposed to be The Observer:

    original screenshot:

    mockup with clearer Observer image pasted over scarecrow:

    larger Observer image:

    Note: I had to create a new Observer image to fit the same location. It is a composite of these two images:

    body shot:

    head shot:

  8. Scully

    @ Poopy Panda: Nice work. I also wondered if the blip was just a scarecrow, but I have been unable to find any other shots of the Observer. Maybe he’s not even in this episode, but if he is, this is the best possibility.

  9. Di

    i think it definitely might be. it’s on the same fashion of his appearance on the ‘alice in wonderland’ fringe poster. blurry and on the back, but noticeable upon enhancement

  10. pr3sidentspence

    Maybe the absence of the observer is the easter egg?

    Wheels within wheels…

  11. Ph8

    FOr the observer did anyone look in the opening day scene above the A in PENSYLVANIA? There is someone in the field that does not belong . If I had a hunch it would be that the observer is there during the first instance of the occurrence rather then later.

  12. Scully

    Good eye Ph8. I did check it out, and it is a scarecrow. In HD you can clearly see the arms out to the side.

  13. Anastasia

    I have gone over this episode several times and never did see the Observer. Right before Agent Jessup finds the bible I get the middle part only of the above screenshot. The sides are completely cut off for me.
    I have never noticed anything *missing* while watching this or any other show. No text missing, etc. Now I’m wondering what else has been cut.
    Is this due to me not having HD? Does anyone else have any ideas of what’s going on?