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Sep 22,

The Observer – 201

Fringe - 201 A New Day in the Old Town | The Observer | Posted by Scully

I was kind of hoping to get a clear shot of the Observer in this episode.  The rumors floating this summer were that Michael Cerveris may not be appearing in Fringe this season, and I was hoping to discover if that was true or not.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to tell if this is him or not.


You can catch the Observer walking across the bottom of the screen in the opening sequence.

3 Responses to “The Observer – 201”

  1. vini

    So, you guys star trek fans, any idea from where that alternate universe soldier came from or who he is ?

  2. vini

    Critic: for me the way the soldier got Charlie very bad planned, took what ? 5 seconds to change clothes, do the stuff in the mouth etc etc … get the other body of the burse and put there in the floor, hide the Charlie’s body … etc etc … I think was bad made, they could do this better no ?

    BTW, indeed Olivia has a strong connection with Walter … what would be ?

  3. Di

    i dropped a word to you on twitter a couple of weeks ago you might not have caught it. Michael replied to me on FB and said ‘don’t worry, it is still watching’ [meaning the observer]. I’m guessing it’s him in some way because i was expressing my concern that he wasn’t the observer anymore.

    What does a flow of new observers might mean? that things are getting worse on this dimension, that, in the words of the observer himself, ‘it is coming’, so now all the observers are rushing in. We always knew there was more than 1 observer, so now they’ve come, because ‘it’ is near.