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Apr 29,

The Observer – 118

Easter Eggs | Fringe - 118 Midnight | The Observer | Posted by Scully

This week, if you watch closely, you will see the Observer walk behind Bob Dunn at the bar, near the beginning of the episode.  It might be just me, but that doesn’t look like Michael Cerveris.  I didn’t catch the credits, does anyone know if he was credited this episode?

Image #1

Image #2


Close, but in my opinion, no cigar.

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2 Responses to “The Observer – 118”

  1. gerson.rip

    I saw him twice…one when he approaches the blond and the other is after he heads for th other girl…

  2. pr3sidentspence

    By the way, is Bob Dunn the actor who plays McCoy in Abram’s Star Trek?

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