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May 17, 2009 Posted in Episode Transcripts by Scully

Transcripts for “Fringe”: Season 1

I have updated the “Fringe” transcripts for all of Season 1, you can view them here…


Episode 1 – “Pilot”

Episode 2 – “Same Old Story”

Episode 3 – “The Ghost Network”

Episode 4 – “The Arrival”

Episode 5 – “Power Hungry”

Episode 6 – “The Cure”

Episode 7 – “In Which We Meet Mr. Jones”

Episode 8 – “The Equation”

Episode 9 – “The Dreamscape”

Episode 10 – “Safe”

Episode 11 – “Bound”

Episode 12 – “The No-Brainer”

Episode 13 – “The Transformation”

Episode 14 - “Ability”

Episode 15 – “Inner Child”

Episode 16 – “Unleashed”

Episode 17 – “Bad Dreams”

Episode 18 – “Midnight”

Episode 19 – “The Road Not Taken”

Episode 20 – “There’s More Than One Of Everything”

Apr 30, 2009 Posted in News / Spoilers by Scully

Fringe Season 1 Finale Spoilers




T.V. Guide Magazine reports on the Season 1 finale of Fringe to air Tuesday, May 12, 2009, 9/8c.


The freaky freshman solidifies it’s geek cred when Star Trek icon Leonard Nimoy hops on board as the equally legendary William Bell.  “Olivia is gonna find herself in an odd position,” reveals exec producer Jeff Pinkner of the long-awaited arrival of Walter’s formal lab partner-in-crime.  “She’s been searching for him, looking for answers as to what experiments he may have done on her [as a child], but suddenly, she’s going to have to protect Bell from a familiar foe.”


Pinkner also teases that the Observer will play a major role in unraveling Walter’s past; someone will take a bullet; and the perpetually at-odds Bishop boys may finally find common ground amid the scientific scariness going on around them.  “Peter (Joshua Jackson, above) needs to help Walter uncover a mystery that may involve the very beginning of the Pattern,” Pinkner says.


Nimoy and Pattern answers?  We’re set to be stunned.


T.V. Guide Magazine supplied by Spoiler TV

Transcribed by observersarehere.com