Jan 2,

Symbols - Part 2

Case 0091 | Symbols & Glyphs | Viral/ARG | Posted by Scully

Here are the next symbols that were posted…

Flower - In the Fringe Flower glyph some of the petals are dragonfly wings and the center demonstrates a Fermat’s spiral. The braille in yellow translates to ‘34′.




Butterfly - The Fringe Butterfly has bones for its wings.  The braille in yellow translates to ‘55′.




Seahorse - The Fringe Seahorse glyph has the Fibonacci spiral on its side. Its tail is also a Fibonacci spiral. Some images also include stick diagrams for the amino acids L-histidine and L-proline.  The braille in yellow translates to ‘89′.




Horn - The Fringe Horn glyph is in the shape of a Fibonacci spiral and has the number PHI inscribed along the horn.  The braille in yellow translates to ‘144′.


In July, 2022 the Official Fringe website Fox.com/Fringe added a new glyph - a sheep horn.  When you click on it, you would go to the updated site about case 0091.  The website address is 1.61803398874989484820458683436563811.com.  The number 1.6180… otherwise known as the Golden Ratio, is an approximation of the number Phi, and has close connections to the Fibonacci spiral.  These things have many reference in ‘Fringe’.


There was also an image of a braille message, when you clicked on the seahorse…

As it was shown on the website


I have translated the braille, and here is what is says…

with my translation

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7 Responses to “Symbols - Part 2”

  1. double_g

    Just throwing this out there in case it hasn’t been mentioned, but the braille numbers are a Fibonacci sequence… Maybe in combination with the pictures it reveals a secondary pattern or code of some sort?

  2. Scully

    You’re right, they are the Fibonacci numbers. I will get into that when I complete my ‘case_0091′ section. Good eye double_g.

  3. Natural

    why are two of the letters red?

  4. hbr

    Useful post, great read anyway very interesting.

  5. Jo

    take a look at this


  6. Paul

    What does the braille at the bottom of the screen cap say?
    Man, the more you look into this, the more interesting it gets…

  7. Scully

    @ Paul: the braille at the bottom are numbers from the Fibonacci sequence.

    5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89

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