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Sep 30,

Speculations, Observations & Questions 201 & 202

Fringe - 201 A New Day in the Old Town | Fringe - 202 Night of Desirable Objects | Theories & Speculation | Posted by Scully

There are quite a few things that I haven’t mentioned yet, but that I would like to touch on before the next episode airs.  Some are theories or speculations, some are just observations and some are outright questions.


#1 – The kiss between Nina and Broyles…what was that about?  At first I thought this was a long term or new development, but after watching the scene again, I believe that is was more of a one way kiss on Nina’s part.  Broyles didn’t seem as into it as Nina did.  Is it possible that instead of an ongoing relationship that it was a prior relationship?  Perhaps they worked together at some point and built a relationship at that time, but when Nina went to work for William Bell, their relationship fell apart.  Either way, I think it might explain why Broyles has been slipping her information.  Do you think that this helps or hinders the Fringe Division?


#2 – There was another reference to Peter and Alter-Peter in 201.  Walter states that Peter loved custard as a child and Peter states that he has NEVER liked custard.


#3 – Olivia speaking Greek.  We are fairly sure that her bionic hearing is a side effect of the inter-dimensional traveling and we know from Sam Weiss that she will be getting headaches as well.  But what other side effects should she expect?  When she wakes up in the hospital and…

speaks Greek to Peter…where did that come from?  Is it possible that Peter was thinking about his mother and Olivia somehow picked up on it?  Could this be another side effect…the ability to read people’s minds?  Or, maybe there is more of a connection with Olivia and Peter that we are aware of at this time.  We did speculate last year that Peter might also have been treated with Cortexiphan.  Is it possible that the connection between them is directly related to that?


#4 – Which brings me to my next question.  Does Peter have superpowers as well?  Last year we saw many instances where Peter seemed to be able to calm people with his touch.  This time we see Peter using some kind of Spidey-sense.  When Charlie was watching them from his car…Peter stopped and got this strange look on his face…almost as if he could sense danger, or that they were being watched.  So is this a result of Cortexiphan or is it one of the side effects from his inter-dimensional traveling?


#5 – And speaking of side effects from traveling between worlds, does Walter not have any?  There is obviously a lot going on with him, but there has never really been any indication that he can do something special (except for maybe jogging his own memory with thoughts of food).


#6 – I touched on the question in an earlier post about the clerk in the typewriter shop.  He said it had been six years.  But now I want to ask about one of his other comments…”I’m not waiting around forever.”  What did he mean by that?  What is he waiting for?  Or who?  Is he from another dimension as well, or is he from this dimension, but just works for them?  Was he promised some sort of reward or was he threatened?


#7 – Where did Amy Jessup get the password for the Fringe Division data bank?  She first types in another password and it fails…she almost sighs and then pulls this one out of her pocket.  It was like she was only using this one as a last resort…like she didn’t expect it to work.  So who might have given it to her?  Is the number itself relevant? – 112885627


#8 – Why hasn’t Nina asked Olivia what William Bell said to her?  Does she already know?  If she does would she not also be in danger?  And why wouldn’t she just deliver the message to Olivia herself?  It makes more sense that she doesn’t know.  But then why isn’t she curious?  I know I would be just brimming with uncontrollable curiosity.  A secret that could change the very fabric of the universe and she doesn’t even ask one single question about what Olivia remembers?  Very odd to me.


#9 – After they dig up the graves of the Hughes and find the boy’s casket empty, Walter makes a comment…”The grave of a boy…who is not in his grave”.  I found this comment, combined with the look on his face to be very curious.  It seemed as if he was referring to Peter’s grave.  If they were to dig up that coffin…would there be no body in there?  Where would the body be, if not in the coffin?  Did Walter take the body into the other dimension and exchange it for the live Peter?  They have never said whether or not there was a funeral, but I would think that there wasn’t.  Is it possible that the gravestone was put there more for respect of the lost child than to actually house a body?  This brings us back to the question of whether or not Peter’s mother was aware of the switch.


#10 – Who is Sam Weiss and what does he do?  Nina said he is not a psychologist, and he is obviously aware of alternate universe traveling because he expects Olivia to have headaches as a side effect.  So again, I ask…who is he?  And how did he help Nina?  Is it possible that her cancer was caused by traveling?  Does she have any super powers?  They have never said that she has been to another universe, but if she hasn’t…she would be the only one!


#11 – And, of the course, the last question is one that is on everyone’s mind.  What DID William Bell say to Olivia?  What is hidden?  Where is it hidden?  What could it possibly be, that could effect every living person on the planet?  Is it an object or is it information?  Whatever it is, it is valuable enough that people from other dimensions are willing to kill to figure it out or keep it secret.

3 Responses to “Speculations, Observations & Questions 201 & 202”

  1. Wudchuk

    could the number be in reference to a date, it is kind of written this way…

    Either way it looks to me like two seperate thoughts… 11 28 and then 18 56 27

    Now that I look at it again, the second 2 looks like it could actually be “squaring” the 6, it is much smaller than all of the other numbers

    Fun stuff

  2. Di

    whatever happens with Peter and alter Peter, we shall find out soon enough.


    Something that was told without benefit of doubt was that Walter would come clean with Peter and it would unchain a crazy series of events that would put Peter, in grief, against everybody. We could meet Peter’s mom when he comes to confront her about the charade she’s aid and abet all this years.

    *****END OF SPOILER*****

    Regarding Broyles and Nina, it could be an old thing, but maybe Broyles was just shocked that Nina would kiss him in public, therefore being a little reluctant [or slow] to return ‘properly’. Regarding the helpfulness to the FD, i dunno. It seems like nothing ever helps them, but themselves.

    Olivia speaking greek reminded me of the guy on season 1 who ‘heard’ the bad guys talking in his head and repeated their words. But i doubt she’s tapping into another ghost network, a connection with Peter’s mom sounds more feasible. A connection with Walter..with Peter. Maybe she was told the same thing when she was little. This feeds my theory that Peter and Olivia are brothers. I got the distinct feeling after this epi, even told my brother about it. I’ve always thought so [although unconsciously i reject the thought because I KNOW Peter was about to kiss Olivia when she bolted upright chanting words of 'yore. If they were related that'd be incest, and they just look sooooooo cute together!] It would explain Walter’s heartbroken reaction when he was over Olivia’s lifeless body on epi 1, and the heartfelt confession of he not knowing what he’d do if he lost her on epi 2.

    Peter having superpowers is something i took as a given. Nobody with so little on his side would’ve realistically gone as far as Peter has. And it’s not really charm, and not only a superior IQ. Being handy with his hands it’s just the beginning, i’m sure [remember the coin walk on the bar last season].

    Walter and time trave..has walter actually crossed over? Maybe part of his agreement with the observer is that he [baldie], would switch the peters, while Walter’s job was to guard the ‘doors’, therefore building and protecting the plug.

    I agree with @Wudchuk on the date. And also about the square. That would switch the date from 11/28/2001 to 11/28/47, which besides the ’47′ makes no sense. Walter was born on 1948, not 47. That’s the only connection i could find so i think 2001 is right on the money.

    Nina respects Bells and almost idolizes him. I’m sure that she feels that if she hasn’t been told, then she’s not supposed to know. Olivia was a special cortexi-kid [everybody's after her, and by all means whatever happened to the rest of Jone's puzzles anyways?!], maybe this is something he could only confide in her, and something she, Walter and Peter must coordinate on their own without the intrusion of the FD, Nina, Broyles, the FBI and all the extended family.

  3. Andrew

    The thing about the boy not being in his grave also struck me when Walter said it. What I reasoned is that he was referring to the grave of Peter in the other universe, as the boy is gone, and people in that predicament would generally declare the boy as ‘dead’, maybe hold a funeral for him, but not have a body to bury. I don’t know why Walter would drag his dead boy’s body to the other dimension with him to swap him, but that’s also a possibility, I suppose. It’d be more confusing though.