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May 7,

Olivia’s Alternate Universe – 119

Easter Eggs | Fringe - 119 The Road Not Taken | The Observer | Theories & Speculation | Posted by Scully

Olivia slips in and out of a parallel universe in this week’s episode – “The Road Not Taken”.  I have a lot of questions about that other world.  First of all…where are the blue lights?  She’s travelling between dimensions, shouldn’t we see funky blue lens flares?  The scenes that take place on the other side do have a blue tinge to them, so I suppose I will have to settle for that.

Alternate Reality #1


- In the next image, there are two things that I would like to discuss.  First is the graffiti on the left hand side ‘HE IS HERE’…

Alternate Reality #2


If you can remember back to the Pilot episode, during Olivia’s dream sequence, there was a tombstone that read ‘HE’S NOT DEAD’…

Tombstone - 'HE'S NOT DEAD'

Are they referring to the Observer?  Is the Observer in that reality as well?  This brings me to the second question about the image in the Alternate Reality #2 pic.  What has happened in that world?  Did the Observer do that, and if so, was it intentional or just a byproduct of him being there?  Or, maybe this is the destruction that the Observer in our reality is trying to prevent.


Charlie (of the other world) states: “You have half of Boston in quarantine lock down…”.  So is this the result of some sort of outbreak and not a war?  Fires and looting by rioters doesn’t seem out of the question.  Or perhaps the ‘lock down’ is more of a martial law sort of a thing.  The world is just so out of control, that trying to keep people off of the streets during wartime is the best shot of controlling things.  The destruction could be from the war itself.


Either way, something very bad is happening over there, and the biggest question is…whose fault is it?  ZFT, Massive Dynamic, people from another dimension or all of them (war is the blame of all parties involved).


- The next thing I would like to speculate about is Charlie’s scar.  I am sure the first thing that popped in to everyone’s mind was Nick Lane…

Charlie and NIck with similar scars


The scars are not the same shape, and they are not in the same location, but they are both on the left side of their faces and, I mean, come on…this cannot be a coincidence.  But what are they trying to tell us?  I don’t see the connection here.  Was Charlie treated with Cortexiphan in that world?  That doesn’t seem likely because nobody else has a scar on their face.  Maybe there is no connection, maybe a scar is just a scar, but somehow, I don’t think that is the case.  OK, Fringe-o-philes, any theories?


On a side note, I have always wondered just how many ties Broyles owns.  He has never worn the same one twice.  How does he decide which one to wear in the morning?  I have now come to the conclusion, that which one he wears is destiny, fated, meant to be…because even in a parallel universe where all hell has broken loose, he is still wearing the same tie.

Consistency is the key

27 Responses to “Olivia’s Alternate Universe – 119”

  1. QuincyK

    Charlie’s scar kind of looks like a ’1′ and Nick’s scar kind of looks like a ’2′. Not sure what that means but it’s interesting.

    I don’t think the observer caused the damage, I think he’s trying to prevent it in both worlds. Something in that world caused him to be unsuccessful, maybe ZFT got in the way.

  2. JJJ

    If I’m not mistaken, when Boston is up in flames in the parallel universe, I believe, written on the wall in grafitti, is something along the lines of “He is here”…anyone check that out?

  3. ProudR/HrShipper

    Haha, that’s really interesting about Broyles and his ties. I’m always looking for red/yellow/blue stuff, and his ties are one of the things I always check. Interesting tidbit: as far as I know, all of the ties he has worn have had at least one of those colors.

  4. JJJ

    *****Edited by Scully*****

    I have removed the link to the image you placed here, as that image is already included in this post.

  5. Mic

    Maybe the quarantine was a result of them not stopping something that our Olivia did stop previously. The first thing that comes to my mind is the plot of Bound when the epidemiologists were killed. However, if you consider that possibility, the epidemiologists dying actually did save the world from the epidemic. Wasn’t the glyph word from the Bound episode “saved”?

  6. Di

    ok, thanks to the outstanding near 20 thousand people downloading fringe in the past couple of days, i just got around watching the episode now. i don’t even know where to start, but it’s the episode with the clearer bunch of random clues so far..i made a preliminary list from the first viewing, so scully, i’m emailing it to you for cross-check. i really haven’t read anything at all posted here in the past couple of days waiting to watch the epi first, so now i’ll sit down and compare some of what i have, and i’ll re-watch. call it a hunch, but there’s a lot on this epi

    @ Mic
    our Olivia, that sounds so cute

  7. Mic

    That’s what happens when a show and its characters are that good– I get involved and then possessive.

  8. Jeff

    Broyles works for the dark side, He is in the enemy´s side !
    I was watching the episodes again … Broyles is really weird and seems an enemy spy !

    Pay attention to his actions !!!!

  9. Jeff

    Attention to Susan Books, specially the one about:


    The Hollow Earth

  10. Jeff

    Man, creepy the hollow earth theory, I believe this deserves a topic Scully!

  11. Jeff

    Sorry for replying again, but I believe you all need to read this:

    Hollow Earth Theory pieces from the website, no need to thank … amazing:

    Therefore, there exists three worlds on our planet, the outer surface, where we live, the middle earth which purportedly is lined with many caverns, tunnels (made by someone), Inner Cities and people who live there and lastly the Inner Surface.

    For people who have claimed to travel to the Inner Earth, they state that the people they encounter in this region are usually very tall. Some other individuals have speculated that descendants of Atlantis and Lemuria live in this Inner Utopia and therefore they are thousands of years ahead of us technologically and spiritually.

  12. Scully

    Jeff: I’ve been working on the books for a few hours, but I’m still looking for info on all of the books before I decide which ones are the most relevant. Will post ASAP.

  13. curious

    Most all of those darn books on Susan’s shelf are aweinspiring reads … I’m thinking the main gist of them being there is that she was inspired to read them being a cortexiphan kid.

    Regarding Broyles’ ties, I was paying attention to them awhile back and he does wear the same one a couple of times, but I couldn’t find anything really signficant in the choice of ties, so I let that go, figuring a tie was a tie.

    What I would like to know however — is there any other episodes where we see the alternate setup of Broyles office?

    And like Mic says, I think the quarantine thing goes back to the epidemiologists in Bound. They were all preparing to start their jobs around roughly March/April (according to the Fringe Timeline at Fringe-Forum). But they were obviously thwarted by ZFT … at least in theis universe

    And although Nick and Charlie’s scars are not the same, it almost looks like Charlies coudl possibly GROW into looking like Nick’s scar. I wonder if that’s possible?

  14. Jo

    I’m not satisfied that the observer theory. I feel there is more to it. But my question or observation is the scar. Didn’t you notice that the Charlie has the blue tinge and Nick’s doesn’t. I think we’ve been watching two realities the whole time. When Walter said “travel between worlds” he mean it.

  15. Jo

    Hmm. I just had a thought what if the indication of the two worlds is as simple as one and two. We weren’t looking for it before and neither was Olivia but now she is aware of it. And so are we. (Episode 17 Bad Dreams) was the first mention of travelling between worlds.

  16. Di

    yes, on the summaries they say of this episode ‘olivia continues to have visions’, so there’s a link with ‘bad dreams’. also, regarding the set-up of broyles office, i immediately recalled the episode in which we meet Lobe. now i can remember if they were sitting at a mini-conference table or at a desk, but they were on the far corner by the window overlooking the 12th floor. i’ll go back when i can to that episode, but i remember it distinctly. i think this is the first time i was aware that broyles’s office was so big, i had a distinct reference in my mind that the glass wall was the main focus on it. Also, i can’t remember, but i think that in this episode when olivia switches back to ‘reality’, that corner could be empty [please correct me]..but i’m pretty sure broyles and lobe were sitting at a desk in the corner where olivia sees the alternate reality set-up.

  17. p3sidentspence

    Inner Earth = Inner Child = Observers

    And little earth-torpedos that travel through the intervening ground?

  18. p3sidentspence

    The tie Broyles wears in the pilot when he fills Liv in on the Pattern is a “mirror image” of the one you’ve got him wearing in this episode. The stripes are the same, the colours are the same, but which stripe is which colour is different.

  19. Jo

    I had nowhere else to put his but did anyone else notice how shocked Peter was when his Dad said travel between worlds. Peter is surprised, angry (righteously) but never speechless. I’m thinking Peter has had some alternate dimension visits.

  20. Di

    i’ve been repeating this a lot all over the place..but peter knows more [much much more] than we’ve been let in to know. it’s recognition, not surprise.

  21. pr3sidentspence

    Yep, definately recognition.

  22. Mic

    In the Arrival, Walter suggests to Peter that information can be known through proximity or osmosis– maybe this is the source of the recognition? Peter was very sceptical of everything related to Fringe science at the beginning of the show, but has essentially been attached to Walter at the hip for months. He has done a 180 on his attitude possibly due to their experiences (seeing is believing) and possibly due to Walter’s knowledge becoming his own. They have similar intellects and that could make the process easier. Point of all of this? Yes, I so agree with Peter knowing more than he’s telling!

  23. Di

    @ Mic: you have a point. but on your line of thought, if the osmosis is true, then he knows a lot, but he might not know it himself until the knowledge is somewhat triggered. that would still imply some level of surprise over his own words though, and i can’t find that surprise. at the same time, i don’t think walter and peter talk to much about the past either, that with walter knowing how sensitive peter is about those issues. bottom line, i agree with Mic, we’d just have to see how would that play out in context.

  24. fernando

    speaking of alternate universes..consider how the observer and mini observer write compared to how we write

  25. p3sidentspence

    Ohho! Right to left.

  26. Mic

    @ Di– In the Pilot towards the end Peter says to Olivia “After you left my father sat down, started talking to me and he was remarkably lucid. He told me about the work that he and William Bell have done in their experiments and that incident. What happened on that plane is just the beginning. Which makes every part of me feel like I gotta get the hell out of Boston.” Peter definitely knows stuff, one way or another.

  27. Di

    there.you.go! thanks mic, this proves my point [and now i totally remember that, i need to go back on the episodes ASAP]