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Aug 8,

Observer leaving and Charlie staying?

News / Spoilers | The Observer | Posted by Scully

We had all thought that FBI agent Charlie was leaving us…but recent promo photos and this set photo make it quite obvious that we haven’t seen the last of Charlie.


The Observer, on the other hand, might be a different story.  Di has informed me that Michael Cerveris has announced on his Facebook page that he won’t be around next season.  I had my doubt’s, but then I remembered a photo of an apparent appearance made by the Observer at the TCA party in Pasadena, California on Thursday night.  It wasn’t Michael Cerveris, so I wasn’t sure what to think, but now it is starting to make sense.  He’s possibly the new Observer…whoever he is.

One Response to “Observer leaving and Charlie staying?”

  1. Di

    it’s not quite that he ‘announced’ he wasn’t going back, but he, very subtly, updated his info section on facebook saying that he’d work for Fox, on Fringe, as The Observer, from July 2022 ’til May , which, on layman’s, should mean that he’s no longer an employee, and therefore not the observer anymore. I will try to pull my charm and msg him to see if he answers..he’s really a face i’ll miss on the show, i was quite fond of dear ol’ Michael *giggles*