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May 7,

Number 47 revisited – 119

Easter Eggs | Fringe - 119 The Road Not Taken | Theories & Speculation | Posted by Scully

A couple weeks back I wrote a post on the frequency of the Number 47.  I know that I said I would put this to rest, but what can I say…it’s just in my face.  I honestly believe there might be more to it than it’s just  J.J.’s favorite number.  It seems to be most prominent around the people who were tested on with Cortexiphan.  Here are the 47s that I found this week in “The Road Not Taken”.


Image #1 – The bus Susan Pratt gets on in the opening scene…

Image #1


Image #2 – Susan Pratt’s ID…

Image #2


Image #3 – Twice on the cheque from Winters to Pratt (April 7 – 04/07)…

Image #3


Is it just me?  There must be something to this.  If I missed any 47s, please let me know.

8 Responses to “Number 47 revisited – 119”

  1. Following The Pattern

    Great finds! Numbers seemed to play an important role in this series, just like they do in Lost. What if 47 is an important number to ZFT? Your other 47 post says that the number is considered the quintessential random number of the universe. Makes me this of the Chaos Theory – finding order in chaos. Seems like ZFT is creating chaos in order.

  2. Emiai

    Someone is claiming there is a 47 on a tollbooth in this ep aswell. Double 47s for twins.

    I havnt looked yet.

  3. QuincyK

    I don’t remember a tollbooth, but what were all the apartment numbers? There were alot of doors. All of these ’47′s relate to the first twin, what about the second one?

  4. Christina

    I wouldnt think about it too much. Like I said before, it’s in all off JJ Abrams’ shows. It appeared often in Alias, but wasn;t really anything major.

  5. April 7th

    The number 47 tollbooth is on Susan Pratt’s ID card that Olivia looks at. And the check that was written to her by Isaac Winters was cut on April 7th (if you look at it). That’s 4/7 to you and me pal!!! And on a sidenote, on that same check, Isaac Winters bank address street number was 1447.

    Which makes me wonder about the nature of the number 47. Should it be split up into two separate numbers? Is it a date? Afterall, it was on 4/7 that the Observer was spotted on American Idol. Isn’t this the only non-sporting event he has been spotted on thus far?

    And I find it curious that he has been spotted so frequently lately (4/5 at Nascar, 4/7 on AI, 4/18 at Yankees game). Perhaps his frequent spottings in real life are suppose to correspond to Nina’s comment about his frequent spotting on the show as well?

  6. April 7th

    OMG I’m so sorry I only read the posts and not the pics Please forgive me pointing out the obvious in my previous post about screencaps you already had! *turns red/yellow/blue*

  7. Thormoor

    Number 47: Dont know if this is relevent but it is interesting http://www.47.net/47society/47story/

  8. Thormoor

    apparently 47 has a Star Trek connection to:

    What’s the Star Trek Connection?

    Found in link above