Jun 6, 2009

News for Fringe - Season 2

News / Spoilers | Videos | Posted by Scully

- According to Production Weekly’s twitter, filming for season 2 will start June 24th in Vancouver, Canada.


- According to Spoiler TV, there will be a new cast member in Season 2.

Question: Is it true that Fringe will be adding a new cast member next season? –Izebel
Ausiello: Yes, ’tis true. Producers are currently casting a new female agent to replace Kirk Acevedo’s Charlie. The character is described as brash, outspoken, quick-witted, and capable, and possesses a “deep core belief” in the wonders of the universe. Translation: She’s a Mulder.


- J.J. Abrams talks a bit about what to expect in Season 2


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One Response to “News for Fringe - Season 2”

  1. ariannejean

    hey! interesting. 55 seconds he is mentioning how walter thought peter should be fatter and such. saying they are going to explain it. wonder if its more then what we were able to deduct thnx to the season finale.

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