Apr 25,

New Fringe Forum

News / Spoilers | Posted by Scully

I have recently joined a new Fringe forum, if anyone is interested.  It is brand new, so there are lots of theories and patterns that haven’t been discussed yet.  It would give you the opportunity to upload your own pictures, when you find something interesting, and start your own discussions, when you have an idea.  It will also give me the opportunity to comment on and discuss things that I have overlooked or not thought of.


Some of the posts will be similar, but there will be lots that I don’t cover here.  Discuss characters, theories, spoilers, news, specific episodes and so much more.  During the summer, there will be Fringe trivia and games to keep us occupied, and there is also a Live Chat room, where you can discuss the episode while it is on the air.


Give Fringe Science a looksie.  See you there.

2 Responses to “New Fringe Forum”

  1. Di

    scully, check thou email! i might going out of town without internet connection, would like to leave you something to check over the weekend!

  2. Scully

    checking it a few times a day