Apr 17,

Mini-Observer reflections - 115

Easter Eggs | Fringe - 115 Inner Child | The Observer | Theories & Speculation | Posted by Scully

I was re-watching “Inner Child” last night and I noticed something interesting.  Olivia is talking with the mini-observer in the hospital when Eliot Michaels arrives.  She gets up and looks back at the child in his bed.  This is the shot…

Image 1

Then Olivia and Eliot walk outside the room to talk and when Olivia looks through the window back at the boy in his bed, this is the shot…

Image 2


At first, I thought it was just a goof, but if you look at the scratch on his head, it is on the left side of his head in both shots.  Was this just an error they noticed in post-production, and had to do a little photoshopping?  I don’t think so.  It would have been easier just to flip the shot, rather than move the scratch on his head.  If it wasn’t a mistake, then it was done on purpose.  What does it mean?


Perhaps it’s a reference to the boy being a mirror image of ‘The Observer’.  But doesn’t mirror mean opposite?  So if The Observer is good, then is the boy bad?  Or maybe the other way around?  In the final scene when the car passes The Observer on the road, is it a look of understanding on their faces, or is it a look of concern?


Is it possible that both The Observer and the Mini-Observer are from the same place or time, but have different agendas?  The ZFT manuscript stated that travelling between two worlds will cause irreversible damage to both worlds and in the end only one world will survive.  Is it possible that The Observer is here to stop that from happening and the boy is one of the warriors, or maybe The Observer is one of the other world warriors and Mini-Observer is here to help.  Just throwing theories out there, only time will give us the answers to all the mysteries of “Fringe”.

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12 Responses to “Mini-Observer reflections - 115”

  1. delta4s

    This does seem intentional. Is it possible that the ‘reflection’ is of Olivia and not the observer? Olivia has just discovered her new empathic abilities.

  2. goldenrat

    Maybe the boy is here to keep track of and help Olivia in the same way that September has tracked and helped Walter. Sort of like a guardian for every recruit (as ZFT called them).

  3. Linda

    who is september?

  4. Scully

    Linda: September is another name for the Observer. Michael Cerveris was uncredited in the first three episodes. In the official FOX press release for “The Arrival”, Michael Cerveris is credited under the Guest Cast as September. Hence, he has two names.

  5. Di

    i’d seen this on **. they triple-checked everything and it was proved that it was indeed post-production, and hence on purpose. they have some very interesting theories regarding the meaning on this if you look under the ‘inner child’ category.

  6. Scully

    Sorry Di, I wasn’t very clear in the post. When I said ‘I don’t think so’ I was referring to it being an accident not that it was done in post production.

    I also confirmed this by flipping one of the images and superimposing it over the other. Every wrinkly and reflection is exactly the same, proving it is exactly the same shot and not that they just moved things around. I guess I should have posted that image…oops.

  7. fm11

    I read that the air freshener in the killer’s car was also flipped at one point, can you upload an image of that if it’s true.

  8. Sir Fringealot

    When Peter is holding the GI Joe, he says “Funny, I remember the scar being on the other side.” I think this is also a clue to the whole ‘mirror’ thing. Did you find the clue for the next episode yet?

  9. fm11

    In the bottom left of the second picture, you can see red, blue and yellow M&M’s. This might tie in with the yellow-red-blue-mystery color theory, just like the tape rolls and the frat house cups.

  10. diex626

    as said by the ZFT there are two worlds maby eachworld has its own observer and this one is ours and the other one is theirs

  11. Mike

    Hmm.. the GIjoe reference… In 117 Nick Vale has a scar on one side of his face, and he was in the military.

  12. Mike


    I dunno, I think that the whole other dimension is populated with people like the Observer.

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