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Jan 10,

Massive Dynamic office in Toronto?

Fringe - 101 Pilot | Massive Dynamic | News / Spoilers | Posted by Scully

In the pilot episode, we meet Nina Sharp at her Massive Dynamic office in NYC.  Here is a screen shot…

Nina's office


I think it’s possible that this was filmed in (or inspired by) the ROM Crystal (Royal Ontario Museum) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, although, I couldn’t find the exact same angle, I thing these will suffice…

Royal Ontario Museum

Photograph courtesy of: WVS at topleftpixel.com


Royal Ontario Museum’s Crystal extension was designed by Daniel Libeskind, who is most famous for his Jewish Museum in Berlin and for winning the World Trade Center rebuild in New York City.

5 Responses to “Massive Dynamic office in Toronto?”

  1. Jody

    I was thinking, after watching Pilot again, that Massive Dynamic is what Walter and Bell started, but that 17 years that Walter was in St. Claire’s, MD was continuing where they left off. At the end they go into the room, where Nina says to interrogate him after he’s been dead for three hours. The machine inside looked bright and new. Connection to Walter’s hunk of junk sitting in the basement of Harvard? And does the Delta symbol at MD represent change as I’ve heard it referred to? After re-watching Episode 1 I’m left with so many questions, anybody with answers?

  2. Scully

    Yeah…J.J. Abrams!!

  3. Jo

    I just noticed the plane engine in episode one had a Massive Dynamic logo inside the engine when Broyles is talking to Olivia. (Holds head in hand) It’s like I’ve never watched this program.

  4. Di

    that plane incident was not a coincidence. that’s what i told scully on my email!

    definitely need the ‘back to top’ option! the turnout is amazing!


  5. sensor headset

    I’ve also wondered about the whole streetlight blinking and if it were some sort of pattern. It seemed like they went out of their way to focus on it and all for it to be insignificant, but if there is some message in it, I have no idea what it is!

    My problem with the whole theory about Olivia being a clone is Rachel, her sister. How would Rachel fit in to that whole theory? It seems random, though I know not impossible or unheard of, for a couple to adopt a child, then have their own child later. And they seem too similar in appearance for it to seem possible that they came from separate parents. But I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up being wrong about this one…

    I’d never noticed the skeleton image in Olivia’s dream — that’s somewhat creepy and I’m curious what the significance is. I’m also very curious as to what the significance was of the various locations where Olivia appeared in her dream state — a graveyard, a bedroom, and some desert like landscape. I wonder if those locations have some sort of meaning or purpose behind them. I also think it’s significant that she saw her uncle’s kayak. It seems like a random object to show up in a dream reality. Could her uncle somehow have ties to the Pattern?

    Thanks for the review and for pointing out so many interesting things! I look forward to seeing what you find for future episodes.