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Looking back at 115 - “Inner Child”

Fringe - 115 Inner Child | Posted by Scully


What did we miss?

- There is a scene that takes place in what appears to be another hotel room where Peter and Walter are staying.  Not that this is unusual, they have always stayed in hotel rooms.  But I was thinking back to an early episode when a promise was made by Olivia to find them housing. It seems that this might be Walter’s housing since he will add quite a bit of new furniture by the end of the season.  A fridge with a glass door, a piano where the couch is, a nice chair in the corner, and lots of personal things and knick-knacks.

- At the beginning of the episode, when everyone is at the children’s hospital, you can hear Walter whisper something to Peter.  I never made it out the first time around, but now that I have read the transcript, I heard it loud and clear…”You won’t remember this, Peter, but you didn’t talk much either, as a child“.  I found this very interesting.  Another piece of information of Peter’s childhood.  I wonder if this would be pre or post ‘abduction’ from the other dimension.  Would make more sense…post…I wouldn’t talk much either if I had been scooped out of my home and taken to a world that’s the same, yet different.


What theories were overlooked?

- I don’t think we missed any theories about the ‘child’…seems we covered every possible angle:

- The ‘child’ is another Observer here to help our Observer
- The ‘child’ is another Observer here to stop our Observer
- The Observer is the ‘child’s father
- The ‘child’ is the Observer as a young boy


What makes sense now that didn’t before?

- Olivia says to the ‘child’ when discussing the candy “When I was a kid, I used to live on these. Except the yellow. Something about the color. Reminded me of medicine”.  We now know that this is most likely a reference to the drug Cortexiphan that Olivia was tested with as a child.  What I’m still not sure of is why they so heavily pushed the color yellow throughout the entire episode.

- Peter, when talking about his toy says “You wanna take a look at this? His name is Roadblock. He’s not really one of your top-tier G.I. Joes, but it is the best we had. Huh. It’s funny, I always remember the scar being on the other side“.  Was this a clue to Peter not really being Peter?  The toy in his world had a reflected scar of the toy in this world?  I love catching these little things that meant nothing to me at the time.


How have the characters developed?

- Once again, Broyles steps up to the plate and helps Olivia.  Aiding her in sneaking the ‘child’ away so that Michaels couldn’t get a hold of him.


What questions were never answered?

- I think most of the unanswered questions from this episode revolve around the ‘child’:

- Was he really underground for 70 years?
- Is he another Observer?
- Did he bond with Olivia because of her own abilities?
- What is his connection with the Observer?  A better question might be - What is the Observer’s interest in the ‘child’?
- Will we be seeing this ‘child’ in future episodes?

- When Elliot Michaels talks on the phone, he states “I think we may have found another one“.  Referring to another child, we assume.  So how many others are there, and where are they being held?  What are they doing with these children?  Will we hear more about these other children in Season 2?

- Who is Elliot Michaels working for?  Broyles says that he is with the CIA’s directorate of Science and Technology, but is that true?  If it is…what does the CIA want with these children?

- What was the reference that they were trying to show us with the ‘NORTHWESTERN’ shirt.  First Olivia is wearing it, then the ‘child’ wears it.  Olivia didn’t go there, so WHAT UP?

- What was the purpose of the reflection shot of the ‘child’?  There have been lots of theories, but no real answers.

- During the scene when Walter is trying to calibrate the neuro-stimulator, we can hear some sort of language in the background.  What language was it, and what was it saying?


What tie was Broyles wearing?

This is the longest episode to date (their time) - taking place over four days.


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