Jun 22,

Looking back at 105 - “Power Hungry”

Fringe - 105 Power Hungry | Posted by Scully

"Power Hungry"


What theories were overlooked?


- Broyles said that Fischer conducted the experiments on seven others and that they had them all in custody.  Was it one of them who crashed the train 9 months ago?  It couldn’t have been Joseph, he said he joined the experiment only a few months ago.  Was there someone else, possibly from another experiment?  Now that we have ZFT, is it possible they also were running similar experiments?  Maybe.


- This theory wasn’t overlooked, but I would like to bring it up again, in case during later ‘Looking Back’ posts, we run into some more evidence.  Walter says to Peter: ” You cannot imagine what it’s like For a man like me To not have access to parts of his mind.”  And then later in the episode, he knew that Olivia has seen John.  Was Walter in the tank with someone at some point?  He has definitely gone through something, as is evident in later episodes, but what?  And if he has been linked to someone…who?


- Also, during that conversation with Peter, Walter also says: “Oh, I had trouble sleeping myself. I was thinking about that man. The one who tortured you. Something about him. So familiar. Peter, when I was in St. Claire’s…”.  Did he know John Mosely?  John seemed to know Robert Bishop, so it would be possible for him to know Walter as well.  Did they meet at St. Claires?  It seemed like that was going to be Walter’s next sentence.  Was John Mosely involved with experimenting on Walter, along with Sumner?


How have the characters developed?


- I enjoyed the general feeling that the characters gave during this episode.  Everyone seemed to be in good spirits.  Humor was displayed by all, with smiles on everyone’s faces, even Olivia.  I found that this made it a very feel-good episode.


What questions were never answered?


- We know WHAT Dr. Fischer did to Joeseph and seven others, but WHY did he do it?  What was the purpose of the experiment?  What was the end game?


- John Scott says “I was not the one who betrayed you” to Olivia.  So, who did betray Olivia?  Broyles, Nina?


- When Olivia told Dr. Fischer to put up his hands, he put them up palms in, instead of palms out like a normal person would do.  Was it deliberate?  Will we be seeing him again?


What tie was Broyles wearing?


Two ties


Tune in Saturday, June 27 for “Looking back at 106 - The Cure”.

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4 Responses to “Looking back at 105 - “Power Hungry””

  1. Mic

    “We know WHAT Dr. Fischer did to Joeseph and seven others, but WHY did he do it? What was the purpose of the experiment? What was the end game?”

    Very interesting that you bring that up– perhaps they are trying to recreate the Cortexiphan kids’ abilities? They are some similarities between what Olivia and Susan Pratt/Nancy Lewis could do and what Joseph Meegar and Emily Kramer did.

    I got the same impression you did, Scully, about Walter’s comment regarding John Mosely and the possible tie-in to St. Claire’s. In his lab notes, Walter brings up how his “visitor was a hungry kingfisher, diving and plucking thoughts from my mind.” Now that I read it again, it reminds me of how Peter’s thoughts were taken/mind was read. It could be that Walter’s recollection was jarred by seeing Mosely again and that his brain was picked also.

    One more note– there is no way that Mosely was old enough to “know” Robert Bishop who (apparently) died in 1944. Unless, of course, he’s not John Mosely or he ages far slower than everyone else…?

  2. Scully

    @ Mic: About John Mosely: I originally thought that too. There’s no way that he could have known Robert Bishop. But then I was thinking that Mosely never takes his hat off…I wonder if he is bald? Could be a rogue Observer, after all, his name in the credits was ‘Rogue’ and not John Mosely.

    He does have eyebrows though, which is inconsistent with the Observer. Maybe it’s a matter of the more inter-world traveling they do, the more severe the side effects are. He is younger than the Observer, so maybe he’s new to the game and his eyebrows haven’t fallen out yet.

    Just a thought.

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