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May 9,

Let’s Compare

Easter Eggs | Fringe - 119 The Road Not Taken | Theories & Speculation | Posted by Scully

Here are some photos that have some things in common.  I will let you do the speculating on these ones.  I will start with the three most obvious sets…


#1 – The Burnt Rooms

Jones' burnt prison cell - "Ability"

Olive in burnt room - "Bad Dreams"

Susan's burnt bathroom - "The Road Not Taken"


#2 – The Light Boxes – note that the lights are not in the same places.

Light Box - "Ability"

Light Box - "The Road Not Taken"


#3 – The Gray Wardrobes

Nick's gray wardrobe - "Bad Dreams"

Olivia's gray wardrobe - "Bad Dreams"

Susan's gray wardrobe - "The Road Not Taken"


Here are some sets that are not as obvious…


#4 – Paris – The Louvre

Postcard of Paris on Nick's wall - "Bad Dreams"

Photograph of Nancy in Paris - "The Road Not Taken"


#5 – Berry Boom

Berry Boom in Susan's apartment - "The Road Not Taken"

Berry Boom in Walter's lab - "The Road Not Taken"


#6 – Samantha Gilmore

Samantha Gilmore: victim of the 'Artist' - "Inner Child"

Samantha Gilmore's info on the wall - "The Road Not Taken"

27 Responses to “Let’s Compare”

  1. Mic

    Good eyes, Scully– I saw Samantha Gilmore on the wall too, but didn’t make the connection to Inner Child and I didn’t notice the Louvre thing at all. Curiouser and curiouser…

  2. pr3sidentspence

    Peter wears colours, does he not? They’re subdued, but this suggests he wasn’t part of the program.

  3. Scully

    I would be very curious to see Peter’s closet. Does he even have a closet?

    Way back when, I seem to remember somebody telling Peter that they had an apartment for Peter and Walter to stay in…but does it look like they are still in a motel room?

    There is a fridge with a glass door, but no kitchen. And the bedroom and living room are one big room. What happened there. Do they even still live together?

  4. Di

    yeah but i think the non-gray i’ve seen peter wear i believe is navy blue..and black..and i think they’re allowed those colors [olivia wears black suits]. but maybe [and this is borderline ridiculous but oh well], peter, son of walter with a high iq, was tampered upon also, but was meant to be higher on the chain of command..maybe the experiments on him were different and maybe his previous training was different. remember he seems to know about cortexi also..maybe he’s on a whole’nother level

  5. ariannejean

    is that berryboom in a bathroom!?

  6. pr3sidentspence


  7. pr3sidentspence

    I’ve seen Peter where greens and oranges, I think… very close to grey though.

  8. Scully

    If you mean the Berry Boom that’s in Susan’s apartment…no, it was in the kitchen cupboard.

    Di: I think you have something there. Peter was meant to be more of a leader, not just a regular soldier. There has been a lot of speculation about Peter being a clone of Walter, but I’m not sure how I feel about that. I think I like your idea better. Peter was definitely tinkered with, by Walter’s own admission…but to what degree and what end?

  9. Di

    maybe not a clone..but what if the time machine that walter said had built to bring back the doctor who could save him from a mortal disease that disappeared, was actually to bring back his younger self for some purpose..maybe prevent himself from making his same mistakes, maybe teaching himself something valuable..could be anything. but i really hate the idea of peter and walter being the same person. i’ve always wanted to know about his mom though..he’s mentioned her briefly but he avoids the subject as much as he can, and he once told olivia that she’d hear about his mother one day..but that unchains a whole new set of theories so i’ll drop that, we’ll go over that over the summer break

  10. Scully

    That’s so weird that you brought that up, I was just thinking about that very scene this morning. I cannot remember what episode it was in…do you remember, because I would like to re-watch that scene.

    Speaking of summer break…I am going to put up a post soon asking for everyone’s ideas of what they would like to see posted during the summer, so put on your thinking cap, because it’s gonna be a long 3-4 months.

  11. Scully

    Jeepers, we need a ‘back to top’ button down here!!!

  12. Scully

    Di: I just sent you an email.

  13. pr3sidentspence

    I think it’s in the one where they find Walter’s notes in their old house.

  14. pr3sidentspence

    It looks like the ON position of the switch has changed, too.

  15. Mic

    That scene is in the Ghost Network, Scully and Di, if you haven’t found it yet.

  16. Di

    yeah i was going to say that. it was the episode where the lab assistant’s mom shows up, immediately after peter tells olivia that, he sees the mother, and he goes off to talk to her. Thanks for the more precise info Mic! i’m like..lousy with those details

  17. Di

    oh and Scully, i replied. green light on that! i can’t wait to see my mess more structured

  18. Mic

    Well, Di, here’s the thing– the reason I knew about the scene was because my mind had turned towards the same thing yours and Scully’s did, researching the family tidbits that popped up through the season. Coincidence or great minds think alike? I had this crazy idea of Nina being either Olivia or Peter’s mother as the characters all seem to be entangled with each other. I ruled out Peter as he remembers his mother and has said so, but Olivia on the other hand… I don’t know for sure about her. If you read some of the transcripts, Nina makes odd references about telling Olivia things she would tell her own daughter– red herring or clue? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  19. Di

    yeah i circled the motherhood theory myself..that, and that i’m nearly convinced nina was the lab assistant that ‘got killed’ 17 years ago.
    lab assistant [nina-mom] + bell [possible father-experimenter] = olivia [a much more older child than a 3 year old being taped by crazy scientists about uncontrollable abnormal problems.

    again, it’s really far out, but what if olivia was just given to her military ‘family’ for smoke screen purposes, and could the uncle be bell himself, under another name, perhaps? i mean, that’s a plot-line that has been used A LOT before, as farfetched as it sounds. that under these circumstances it might be TOO farfetched? sure..but one never knows.

  20. pr3sidentspence

    That line you mention, Mic, did seem really out of left field. I think you’re on to something there.

    Crazy theory #22102: The age discrepancy betwen Liv’s age and the lab assistant killing fire could be explained if Liv had been cultivate to be a recruit in the war. I.e., she could have been acellerated in her growth.

  21. Mic

    Yep, it struck me as odd in that she said it to Olivia and it implies that she does have a daughter somewhere. Future episode’s plot perhaps?

    @pr3– That would mean that someone (probably not Walter) fixed the issue they had with that experiment which was not being able to stop the process after they got it started.

  22. Mic

    I found a reference Olivia and Rachel make in the Transformation to their mother when Rachel finds the ring John Scott led Olivia to. Unless there was an adoption (which is always possible), it seems Olivia had a mom as well. Ugh, I’m not doing so well with theories today…

  23. Di

    yeah yeah, there are always parents. the real question is whether those are the ‘real’ ones. i’m pretty sure olivia’s closer to the center than a simple test subject, and again, the plot line about main characters having secret children and giving the babies as cover-up to someone close [yet not THAT close to make it traceable] has been used to exhaustion, but never ceases to work [heck, even on ugly betty they pulled that card]. i’m pretty sure no tests where done on rachel [she does wear colors at least], odds are they’re not really blood sisters..if i could only do dna on them to prove it!

  24. Di

    @ Mike:
    oh and regarding the timeline not adding up between the lab accident and nina not being able to be olivia’s mom due to the time of the fire..i didn’t necessarily say that nina would’ve mothered olivia after she became nina [i'm assuming that in case she'd be the lab assistant after her 'passing' she'd be given a new identity]. she could’ve mothered the child way before the accident..let’s say like..around 13 years before? after all we know nothing whatsoever about that lab assistant [which was a big part of the story though, because she was the reason walter was put away..maybe her death was plan to get him and his 'morality' out of the picture, as he's mentioned several times that he thought bell was taking things too far, or simply to shush walter to any eventual connection to the recently created MD, which if i'm not mistaken was created a year after the accident happened]. Also a possibility is that nina was bell’s old flame..or that nina was common ground for walter and william, and we all know those things never work out..oh the impossibilities!

  25. pr3sidentspence

    Oh, it wasn’t about Nina not being able to be the mom because of the timeline, it was that Liv was to old for the video showing her as a 3 or 4 year old in the burned room to be the same incident that killed the lab assistant.

  26. Di

    ah nah, i didn’t think that. i think the fire was a set up to implicate dear walter and get him out of the picture..the only way to quiet a genius is to mess up with his mind

  27. Joker

    Everything dynamic and very positively!