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May 6,

Lab Notes – Photo puzzle – 119

Easter Eggs | Fringe - 119 The Road Not Taken | Walter's Lab Notes | Posted by Scully

This week we had two new pieces to our photo puzzle, but it wasn’t as easy as I thought.  The first five pieces were given to us in the proper order (or so it seemed), but they threw us a curveball this week.  The final two pieces are actually pieces number 4 and 6 – marked with the yellow stars.


Here is the finished puzzle…click image to view full size.

"The Road Not Taken"


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There is a diagram (that now actually fits together properly) as well as the Fibonacci spiral.  I believe that it is Walter’s lab.  I have drawn out an easier-on-the-eyes version for you to study, let me know your thoughts on this…click image to view full size.

Walter's lab schematic

14 Responses to “Lab Notes – Photo puzzle – 119”

  1. p3sidentspence

    Definately the lab.

    Man, this makes all the work I did yesterday kinda redundant now.


  2. Scully

    Mike: Actually, I would really like to see what you came up with…side by side with the schematic would give me a better idea of what the layout is like. I am not good with blueprints, I’m more of a visual person.

  3. Mic

    I’m glad it was not a wild goose chase. So do you think the beginning of the spiral could be the hiding place or the end of the spiral?

  4. ariannejean

    I think there may be something at the spirals end.

    also, in the first lab notes Walter says:
    “the ratio of floor dimensions is key. how can I be expected to make progress without understanding the proportions of my space”

  5. ariannejean

    in reference to his lab.

  6. ariannejean

    … actually reread them all. they make references to all kinds of crazy things, hints and foreshadowing galore!

  7. Di

    and of course it’s not electrical, it’s distribution. what else does it mean, besides knowing that walter is working inside a mathematically-proper space, i don’t know. i don’t know about a hiding spot though, i still think the key is the lab itself. in what way i don’t know? but maybe the space on its own is better suited for..something, and would lead to better results on..again, something being done. Like the scientific equivalent to a place with good acoustics. maybe the teletransportation/time traveling device would react better inside it?

    i know, this makes no sense whatsoever..but it’s a hunch

  8. Alex Torma

    well, knowing walter’s (and every other Fringe mystery buster out there’s) obsession with fibbonacci sequences and spirals, i think that its only proper to know that walter’s lab is a golden rectangle

  9. awesome!!!

    Great work! What if Walter’s lab really is the key … remember in Ghost Network, the whole “the Basement” thing? It was referenced again in by that dude in the porcupine-man episode also. I often thought the Basement scene shared similiar architecture to Walter’s lab. What if the basement is at HArvard near the lab because it is so important? OR better yet, what if the basement is part of the lab in the alternate dimension?

    Comic Book Spoiler:
    We shouldn’t forget either that Walter and Bell traveled through time in a time machine they built in their lab in the last comic …

  10. p3sidentspence

    Hmmm… did I have a comment go missing here?

    I have found that a 3D model of the lab based on the puzzle does not match up with stills taken from the show. The real set is wider than the the puzzle.

    Also, the spiral begins in an empty spot of the lab beside the furnace/incinerator.


  11. Mic

    I’m confused– it is the lab, right?

  12. Di

    yeah, it definitely is. at least some version of it.

  13. pr3sidentspence

    I think that the clue in the puzzle is definately Walter’s lab. It just doesn’t match up to the actual set that well (in the width of it).

    All the other details are there, though. It’s just that the real set is wider than the puzzle drawing.

    (Or I am modelling it wrong)

  14. Mic

    This puzzle keeps popping up in my head especially after everything that happened in last few episodes of the season. We are pretty sure it’s a missing part of the diz/re machine that might be hidden in the lab, right? I say this because of the mnemonic “cannot build phallic puzzles in the lab” which Scully and Pr3s thought to be half mnemonic and half literal was centered around that particular device. The puzzle itself and Walter’s lab notes hint at it being another hiding place for something, kind of like his car, old house, etc. Walter also stated
    that the device was designed to theoretically be able to “retrieve anyone from anywhere.” Considering it was built around the time Peter was sick and dying, maybe this is what Walter used to grab the other Peter. What is hidden in the lab could be what made the device safe for the “passenger”, so to speak. If it did make teleportation safe, then it would certainly make it dangerous in the wrong hands and would necessitate it being hidden very well. Ideas? Am I reaching?