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Apr 22, 2009

Lab Notes – Photo puzzle – 117

Easter Eggs | Fringe - 117 Bad Dreams | Walter's Lab Notes | Posted by Scully

This is the fourth piece of the mysterious photo puzzle and every week I get more confused as to how these fit together.  In image #1, I have fit them so they would match the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci spiral, but none of the lines seem to match up…click on any image to see full size.

Image #1

Image #1


In image #2, I have lined up the two white lines in the center, but the left edge does not fit…

Image #2

Image #2


In image #3, I have lined up the left edge and the first line.  This one seems the most promising, as the grain seems a lot closer and the red spiral seems to be exact, but the other line does not match up…

Image #3

Image #3


I find this all to be very perplexing…someone help!!!

22 Responses to “Lab Notes – Photo puzzle – 117”

  1. Di

    i don’t think the exact matching of the edges matter, or even the actual red lines..the shape is there, it’s fibonacci, so kudos to the person who originally pointed it out way back when i noticed the pattern. what i find more interesting now, is that the white lines on the las 2 pictures, seem to be forming some blueprint of sorts..or what it looks like more [for the little family experience i have on the subject], is some sort of electrical blueprint..i could be off on that one but i think that the white lines could definitely become more important, and that the spiral is simply framing something we’re supposed to look at closely. I got this idea vaguely [because i'm not saying is the same thing, just similar], to a blueprint of the german jail on allizee’s myspace profile. i seemed to use the same thin linear framing.

  2. Mike

    That looks like the shape of Nick Lane’s scar.

  3. Mike

    Just compared them, they’re pretty different after all. Lane’s scare actually looks more like a “2″.

  4. Mic

    I really like this idea and can definitely see the schematic/blueprint aspect of the white lines. With the piece from 118 in there, the top edge reminds me of windows represented in a wall. So…. what if (big if) it is a blueprint of Walter’s lab? In the lab notes for the pilot Walter writes “–and to resume the explorations I began so long ago, in this very laboratory. The ratio of floor dimensions is the key. How can I be expected to make true progress without understanding the proportions of my space?” Keyword “ratio”. In the lab notes for the Ghost Network he writes “The magnetic neurostimulator is the first essential component. The second is the laboratory itself, whose dimensions will encourage reception of transmissions. But despite my joy, there is still discontent. Something here is not precisely right. Something missing, or something extra. I cannot place it. I am crowded by the walls.” Keywords “something missing, or something extra. In the lab notes for Power Hungry we see “If only these creatures would point their beaks to my forgotten place, the last hidey-hole. Would they fly in a golden spiral?” Gives some credence to a theory posed here that the mnemonic “can’t build phallic puzzles in the lab” (the clue for the disintegration/reintegration invention) was only half mnemonic and half literal. That something was actually hidden in the lab. Agree, disagree anyone?

  5. Di

    i like it. it makes absolutely all the sense in the world. and it backs up the theory that there are missing pieces to the device, and the final L for the final location might perfectly be the Lab itself. i think they made the mnemonic come up surrounding the beacon to confuse us all, but it really all comes down to Walter’s secret hiding spots [he might've not be that crazy before he entered the loony house but he was definitely paranoid :P ]. Regarding the blueprints, i will ask my dad, who’s an architect, exactly what kind of blueprint it is, because i can’t be sure but i believe it’s electrical. so perhaps something about the wiring of the lab to power the device once all the pieces are put together would have a completely different effect on the outcome. Dunno, i’ll look more into that in the morning, but i definitely like that train of thought Mic!

  6. pr3sidentspence

    Scully and I discussed in another post how the mnemonic device might be more simple and there’s only one more piece and it’s “in the lab.”

  7. pr3sidentspence

    Didn’t the Fringe folks release a picture of the paper model of the lab? Could we use it to draw the spiral and find the last piece?

  8. pr3sidentspence

    I’m drawing up Walter’s lab in sketchup using the paper model as a base. Can someone provide some screen caps from the show so I can use them as additionaly reference points and as textures?


  9. Scully

    I can do that…I will post them in ‘Screenshots’. It’s my temp. dumping zone. Give me an hour or so.

  10. Scully

    Here are your screenshots pr3sidentspence, let me know if you need a different angle of something.


  11. p3sidentspence

    So, I used the model to draw a floorplan, I will upload a simple version soon. What I can say so far is that the large part of the lab, the lab-proper is the exact same dimensions as the fibonacci spiral puzzle.

    I think that very soon I should be able to say what/where the last piece of the time machine is (if we’re right on that part).

  12. Scully

    That is fantastic, I look forward to seeing it. Were the pics I uploaded OK?

  13. p3sidentspence

    Yes, they were great, and I found some online where someone got to tour the set, as well.

    I think I spoke too soon, we’ll see, but I think I made a mistake and that the lab proper may not be the same dimensions. However, the WHOLE lab still may. I’ll let you all know.

  14. p3sidentspence

    Correction again, my problem was of scale, not proportions. I can say that I think that the lab-proper is exactly the proportions of the puzzle. Woohoo!

  15. Scully

    yay! Is that a word? :)

  16. Mic

    Word or not, I second that “yay!”… And I’m going to take a moment to say I love this site– All of your posts and insights really got me hooked and I coulcn’t quit reading, pointing out things I hadn’t noticed before. It made watching Fringe even more exciting.

  17. Scully

    Thanks Mic. It’s nice to have other people to share in something that you’re excited about. It’s so much more fun when there are different opinions and theories, not to mention the extra sets of eyes to catch the things that I miss.

  18. Mic

    No– thank you, Scully, I’m sure it’s a lot of work keeping up with this. And I know what you mean about the eyes– after I found your site, I had to go back and watch all the episodes again because I realized I didn’t know half of what was going on. Everyone here has such wonderful ideas that didn’t occur to me, but I think they are right on the money. I’m anxious to see how right you all are.

  19. p3sidentspence

    I second the thank you to Scully!

    Now, on the lab front. I’m super confused at this point. It just seems like every time I match the puzzle to the lab it alternates between fitting and not fitting.

    It is DEFINATELY the lab. But it’s possible that the paper-model prototype of the set was changed by the time it was built, perhaps to be a fibonacci rectangle.

    I can say that the center of the spiral is in an open bit of floor between the furnace/incinerator and the stairs (not the ramp).

    I can also say that that is one COMPLICATED set!

  20. Scully

    No kidding. I figured that out when I was trying to get the screenshots for your textures. In every scene the lab looks different. There are different levels and all kinds of stairs, if it wasn’t for the windows down the one side, I wouldn’t be able to tell which end is up.