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Apr 22,

Is Mr. Jones the activator?

Easter Eggs | Fringe - 117 Bad Dreams | Theories & Speculation | Posted by Scully

Nick Lane said that a man with glasses came to the hospital.  That he spoke all the old words, that they needed warriors and that he knew how to wake Nick up. Well I don’t ever remember seeing Mr. Jones with glasses on, but he’s still my choice, and here’s why.


He spoke all the old words‘  sounds to me like words from the ZFT manuscript…their bible, so to speak.  ‘We need warriors‘ only reinforces that ZFT is behind this, and where ZFT goes, Mr. Jones goes.  And the kicker for me was during the scene when Nick pulls his gun out of the drawer.  You can see a round symbol on the bottom of the drawer…

Nick Lane's drawer


At first I thought it was a zodiac circle, but then I remembered the games that Mr. Jones sent Olivia to find, so I went back to “Fringe” Episode 14 – “Ability” and I found this…click image to enlarge.

One of Mr. Jones' games


It’s the same wheel.  So if Jones gave one to Olivia, then it’s safe to say he gave one to Nick Lane as well.

My theory is that these games are what actually activates them (wakes them up).  What I wonder now is, has Olivia already been activated when she shut off the lights of the bomb?  Is that the reason why she was able to see through Nick’s eyes in her dreams?

olivia dunham

Do you think Olivia will ever play the game that we see in Nick’s apartment?  What about the other games?  Will we see them in future episodes connected to other people who were treated as a child?  It seems there are two more questions for every answer we get.

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14 Responses to “Is Mr. Jones the activator?”

  1. Di

    i doubt she’s activated, yet. i’m pretty sure it already started though, probably they stimulate different segments and when all [10? 11? can't remember exactly how many games were there] have been completed then you’re fully awaken. Nick was contacted years before olivia, so it’d be fair to think he went through all the motions and got full awakening. Broyles tells Olivia she’s been acting strange for some weeks, so that would explain the awakening process too.

    What i also found interesting too, was when olivia was on the induced REM machine, how, when she got restless, Walter told Peter to ‘calm her down’ and Peter looked somewhat reluctant, but he also seemed to know what to do, and as soon as he touched olivia she calmed down. If you think about it actually, in this episode Peter was a much more ‘touchy feely’ with olivia altogether [for example hugging her at the metro station, touching her shoulder when she got overanxious with the murdering wife, putting his hand on her back on the wait room at the mental hospital]. May Walter me awakening Peter too and we’re just not seeing it? Peter seemed to know very well about the horrors of cortexiphan when, at walter’s room, he screamed that Olivia hadn’t been treated with it, as if he meant it on a protective way. As if he knew enough about the drug already.

  2. pr3sidentspence (Mike)

    I binged on Fringe while my wife was out of town earlier this week (I watched them all in three days) now I’m trying to get her hooked on it, too, so I am rewatching them.

    I noticed in 102 after Liv “loses control” Peter touches her hand on the parkbench, too. IIRC, it seems to surprise here, but calm her there as well.

  3. pr3sidentspence (Mike)

    Oh, and do I think she’ll ever play that game? No, I think Fox will cancel Fringe before she gets to that one… they always cancel the ones I like

  4. Scully

    Di: It’s an interesting theory that they must play all of the games in order to be activated. But I wonder if each game would be targeted to a special power.

    For example, Olivia’s game was designed for someone who is telekinetic, Nick probably wouldn’t be able to shut the lights off.
    So with that theory in mind, it might only take one or two specific games to activate a particular person. This might explain why the game in Nick’s apartment was different than the game Olivia played.

    Just a theory.

  5. Di

    scully you could be right. but then again, mr. jones did leave olivia something very similar to the symbol found on nick’s drawer. he in fact left olivia all games, and told her she’d go through them all before she’d be ready [or something like that, i'd have to re-check the episode, you know i'm a little rusty on the specifics].

    but Mike, i’m glad you caught what i caught with Peter. they promised we’d learn about peter’s life on the last episode, so i’m waiting for that. i’m pretty sure he was treated with cortexiphan because on the tape of olivia in the end of bad dreams we confirm that walter was closely involved with the trials, hence making peter a fair first guinea pig. i think we’ve learned the hard way that peter was never off limits during his childhood when it came to walter’s cooky experiments. could peter be the original cortexiphan kid? is walter re-programing him ‘behind the scenes’?. and what was it they gave them to forget all about the prior training, as mentioned by nick? i hope we get to see.

  6. Mike

    One thing Nick says, is something like, “I did what they told us, I wore blacks and grays and blended in.”

    Olivia always wears clothes in the greyscale, even her underwear, pjs, and grunge-wear.

  7. Di

    if yo notice the episode [after the 'nightmare'] starts with olivia’s morning routine. then, when we learn about nick, after he kills the stripper, you get to see his morning routine..and they’re pretty much similar [if not the same]. apparently it’s all part of the prior training that olivia holds on her sub-conscience, but that nick remembers clearly [perhaps 'cause he's been awaken].

  8. Mike

    Good spot, Di!

  9. pr3sidentspence


  10. pr3sidentspence

    I think it’s Trivial Pursuit Mirror Dimension Edition.

  11. PT

    What if the man with the glasses is Bell? Nick Lane’s wall of mystery had a picture/article with a partially obscured head shot of a man with glasses… and Scully wrote that this might be Bell.

  12. Di

    i thought that too. which leads to the connection of jones with bell. given all the events, the relationship between bell and the cortexiphan, and now jone’s follow-up, i believe those two are closer than we’ve been shown. if initially it was bell using the cortexiphan and the kids were being trained for a war ’til the get go [as was proven by nick lane's words], then bell was involved with zft since the beginning. also, there’s a posibility that the elevated y typewriter might be bell’s, and not even walter [which might explain why walter’s first lab notes weren’t written with that same writer and he only looked for it once he recognized the manuscript. maybe he and bell wrote it together.

    bottom line, a million theories

  13. the next game

    Okay, Di said that Jones told Olivia she’d essentially go through all the games until she was ready, right?

    So what if the link between Nick Lane having that zodiac-board thingy and Olivia’s games is that NICK IS ONE OF THE GAMEs she was supposed to pass?

  14. kemz (fat rabbit)

    I think Brennan is Jones. Or, Brennan is Nina Sharp. One of those two is Brennan.

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