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Nov 19, 2008

Green and Red dot mystery semi-solved

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Remember the red and green dots that were popping up all over the place…

binoculars-104, kayak-101, hat-104

Well it turns out they are a series of lights, that when flashed at a certain frequency and wavelength will put someone in a hypnotic state, making them susceptible to suggestion and causing them to lose time or black out. Walter worked on this very thing for an advertising company but was not successful. Obviously someone has perfected it and is using it for evil. Here they are under the hood of Joanne’s car…

Under the hood

Under the hood


I have no problem with the dots on Rogue’s hat…he was a bad guy, but what about the dots in the viewer of The Observer’s binoculars? I was under the impression he was kind of a good guy…or at least neutral. And what about the kayak that belonged to Olivia’s uncle? Was he a bad guy, or perhaps he is another observer. I look forward to learning what “ZENO” means, maybe that would answer some questions. Here they are again in the dungeon where Ben was being held…

In the dungeon

In the dungeon

8 Responses to “Green and Red dot mystery semi-solved”

  1. Sundray

    i googled zeno and found something interesting on wikipedia about Zeno’s paradoxes. its a fairly boring read but if you can get through it, there are some points that could refer to fringe


    “Zeno’s paradoxes were a major problem for ancient and medieval philosophers, who found most proposed solutions somewhat unsatisfactory.”

  2. Scully

    Good find Sundray…I shall give it a read

  3. A

    fringe-forum.com has some interesting theories on the Zeno mystery

  4. E

    The Zeno project is mentioned here several times.

  5. E

    at massivedynamics.com

  6. Ex Girlfiend

    I noticed that this is not the first time at all that you write about this topic. Why have you chosen it again?

  7. Scully

    It’s another of the many patterns of Fringe that keep me glued to the set. I always keep my eye on these patterns because we might see them again, and they might have deeper meaning than we first think. You never know.

  8. pr3sidentspence

    I hadn’t known about massivedynamic.com until I read E’s post. A lot of work went into it, you can even upload your resume to apply for jobs with them.