May 1,

Golden Spiral in Promo Video

Easter Eggs | Posted by Scully

Thanks to Di for this great catch.  At the 8 second mark in the sneak peek preview video for “The Road Not Taken“, you can see this shot.



This is very interesting, considering the puzzle we’ve been putting together from Walter’s lab notes.  As Di suggests, in her comment, maybe this means we will be getting some long awaited answers.  One can only hope.

3 Responses to “Golden Spiral in Promo Video”

  1. ariannejean

    they have already used the fibonacci thing in there promo adds.

    on these:
    seahorse glyph
    http://observersarehere.com/wp-content/uploads/ /01/007_fringe_seahorse.jpg

    sea horse glyph tail
    http://observersarehere.com/wp-content/uploads/ /01/009_fringe_horn.jpg

    fetus apple glyph.
    http://observersarehere.com/wp-content/uploads/ /01/002_fringe_apple.jpg

    also I think the symbol on the frogs back stand for the same thing, along with much of the other bachgrounds of the glyphs in that set.

  2. Di

    indeed, those are the original ‘fibonacci’ adds. the spiral and the sequence have been given a lot of importance since the beginning of the series. but now they actually made us put a puzzle together about it from Walter’s labnotes, so maybe we’re finally getting what the deal is..besides [and apparently] the key for the locations of walter’s safe boxes =)

  3. Jeff

    canadian promo: