May 12,

Fringe Secret Uncovered

Symbols & Glyphs | There is More | Videos | Viral/ARG | Posted by Scully

It’s been a long time coming, but finally they have hidden something for us over at Fringe-Fox.  Go to the home page and scroll down to the bio pic of Olivia, there is a yellow orb there…just hover over it and watch the video.


Fringe Fox Home Page


After the vido is over, click on the area, you will be taken to a new page, explore away, but then come back to the apple and click on it…


The Apple Symbol


That will take you to another page.  Hover over the coin, and keep your ears open.  The braille translates to ‘Return’.


The Coin


It’s interesting to note that the Fibonacci numbers do not correspond with the original symbols which you can see here and here.  This is the sequence this time around.


Horn - 5

Butterfly - 8

Seahorse - 13

Flower - 21

Frog - 34

Hand - 55

Leaf - 89

Apple - 144

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14 Responses to “Fringe Secret Uncovered”

  1. Adam

    hrmm. Looks interesting

  2. Di

    oh boy oh boy! so scary yet exciting!

  3. pr3sidentspence

    There’s some backwards speach there, anyone record and play it back, can’t myself right now.

  4. Di

    my internet is lousy here, i was going to wait tomorrow at work to listen to it properly. now it makes sense why i couldn’t understand any of it. but did you notice how much the inner child shows up on the video? i hope we get to see him again!

  5. ariannejean

    thought he was saying labs…
    I don’t have a way to play it backwards but if I wright what it sounds like forwards and think of it backwards I come up with SPAN, SPAM, SPAIN, SPAID…. I take it it wont work that way.

  6. Scully

    This is what I heard:

    In the main video:

    Bell - “Is the incident contained?”
    Woman - “Yes, Dr. Bell.”
    Bell - “How bad?”
    Woman - “Bad.”

    Over the coin:

    Dr. Boone - “How far would you go for someone you love?”

    When you click on the ‘89′ braille:

    played backwards it says:

    “Expand your consciousness.”

  7. p3sidentspence

    What’s up with the braille anyway?

    I doubt is was used to be some easy to break code.

    One of the recent glyph codes was VISION. I wonder if someone in the show will be blinded?

  8. Di

    what if not blinded, but having its vision enhanced? we´re dealing with alternate realities now, and olivia´s got front row seats to the paralell world.

  9. vini

    the voice in the conversation about the incident (Bell and a woman) is from Olivia.
    take note!

  10. xadrian

    I think the voice is Nina.

    I like the idea of the children being paired together and the apple having two embryos.

  11. Mic

    I thought it was Nina also, xadrian. Especially the last word, “bad”.

  12. Di

    apple, embryos, allizee zeva’s video with an apple in half and the embryos looking like it came from an episode, i think the first glyph from the pop-up on fox’s easter egg was the apple..were they growing this children back in the day and giving them up to foster parents?

  13. dbmerc

    Also click on the frog next to the Q&A section.

  14. Scully

    @dbmerc: clicking on the frog takes you to the case 0091 website. You can find all the info on that here…

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