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Oct 10,

Fringe – Charlie will be back!

News / Spoilers | Season 2 | Posted by Scully

I might have jumped the gun in saying good-bye to Charlie this week.  According to Jeff Pinkner, we haven’t seen the last of him.  This article is from Wednesday, but there is still some interesting bits.  The following in an interview by TV Guide:


In the season premiere, Peter says, “We’re done reacting. From now on, we call the shots.” What does this mean for the structure of the show going forward?
Joel Wyman: That line is really important. We view last season as a prologue. This season focuses on the actualization of our characters and delves into their lives. Basically, Peter is going to move to the forefront, he’s going to get out there and try to find some answers. Olivia is going to go through her journey of recovery. Walter is going to be investigating his emancipation.

Will it still feel like a crime procedural or something else?
Jeff Pinkner: The show is still going to feel very much like it did last year. But when we met Peter, he was here reluctantly and he knew he could jump at any time. Over the course of the season, he became committed to his father and Olivia, developed feelings for both of them in different ways. He starts to realize that some of these cases affect him personally, that he’s involved in this world in a way that he can’t quite understand.

What are the lessons from Season 1?
Pinkner: In Season 1, our characters were still coming together. They were learning about each other and this world they live in. Olivia was learning about her childhood. All three of the characters were finding their sea legs.
Wyman: We discovered that the cases are intriguing and fun, and it’s great to freak people out, but people definitely want to get to know our characters more. They want to understand what they’re going through on a personal level.

How much longer will “Charlie” be around?
Pinkner: “Charlie” will be around for at least [one more episode].
Wyman: That’s not to say he won’t come back. Don’t forget — there’s a parallel-universe Charlie too. We’ve seen him already.
Pinkner: Actually, I just left a set where [Kirk Acevedo] was filming. [Editor's Note: They were producing Episodes 8 and 9 at the time of our interview.]


Read the rest of this interview by clicking below…

Will other familiar characters be “taken over”?
Pinkner: Not yet.

When the shape-shifter was the nurse, she was shot twice, and then jumped from a second-story window — is this new entity not entirely human?
Pinkner: We’re going to learn more about them in an upcoming episode. They’re definitely from “over there.”

What exactly are we witnessing when Olivia is shot through that windshield? Is that her returning from “over there”?
Yes, you borrow from momentum, and it has to be paid back. Ultimately, what happens is, she got taken out, and as soon as she gets put back in, she’s going to come in at the same trajectory where she was taken out.

Um, OK… wait, what?
Pinkner: If you go back and watch the season finale, Olivia thought she had a near-miss car crash. The truth is, there was a car crash. She was pulled out of the car [just before the crash] into an alternate universe. Now that she’s being put back in, that’s what Joel’s talking about with the momentum. Her seat belt would have stopped her, but now that she’s being put back in the car, she’s crashing through the windshield. We will experience what happened to her in the parallel universe in an upcoming episode.

So what was all that jazz in the elevator then? She had already crossed over at that point?
Wyman: Yep.

So then the accident takes place right after Olivia’s meeting with Dr. Bell?
Pinkner: No, it’s happening immediately before.
Wyman: She’s taken out just before impact, she spends some time with Bell and…
Pinkner: She’s returned a couple hours later. There’s time for paramedics to arrive.
Wyman: The car was driverless for a while. The car continues into the crash.

But we’ll see what happens in their conversation, right? Maybe they have a little chat?
Wyman: Yeah. Oh yeah.
Pinkner: Sure. We would be cruel not to show that.

5 Responses to “Fringe – Charlie will be back!”

  1. Jo

    OKay this clarifies the confused look on her face in the elevator. She was still getting used to the time shift thing like in the office with Bell right? Okay I get that So I guess we are to assume the drive down the street was what would have happened if she hadn’t been pulled into reality two.

    As Always Scully your posts are not only entertaining but serve to clarify some niggling questions and theories.

  2. Bubbleman

    Another question: What, exactly are Olivia’s abilities? Until this episode we all thought her ability was to switch between universes at random. Now we find that in at least one case, it was Bell that pulled her through. Was he responsible for the other brief times she jumped through? And he pulled her through when the shape-shifter crashed into her in the car. So what the heck went on in the elevator? A teleport (must have been since she was NOT in the WTC tower at the time)?

    We saw in the video tape that young Olive had basically torched the entire room except for the corner she was cowering in.

    Sounds like there is more than one way to get to the “other side” since Bell called what he did to Olivia a “primitive” way. Then we have the David Robert Jones method, which must have originally been the “Walter” method (given he made the plug). Now we know about the “guardian” between universes, whatever he is supposed to be.

    Bell said he wasn’t ready to return to our universe, maybe never for reasons “olivia will understand soon.” This must refer to the whole momentum deferred crash-through-the-window thing. If that’s the case, then what did Bell “defer?” If and when he goes back, what is going to “catch up with him?” How is he holding back his return to the other side?

  3. Di

    that’s a very clever question, although there would be no pending deferred momentum for Bell unless he’d cross over through the ‘primitive way’ also. If he went through a portal [or any other form for that matter], that didn’t implicate a sudden disappearance or unplanned action, it would’ve run more smoothly. I think it’s more on the lines of Bell siding up with ‘the other siders’ out of convenience at a point, and then realizing they were evil and is trying to make up for it. Or he might just be an infiltrate on their world knowing as both he and Walter did that a breaking point might eventually come. Again, the impossibilities are endless.

  4. Di

    and if this me or did Jeff Pinkner just admitted Peter to have developed feelings for Olivia? This is a very curious interview overall, with very curious choices of words for the answers. We could totally spend a whole day analyzing the whole thing inside out and speculating on it

  5. Jo

    @ Di I’ve had a good think about this. They have been cagey about Peter’s past relationships. he has intimacy issues that is clear but I am open to a romantic relationship developing but I don’t think so. They have a way of throwing curve balls we don’t expect.