May 27,

Fall lineup - Thursday is a nightmare!

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The noetworks have all released their fall schedule, and I am very concerned.  First of all, I will apparently no longer be available to make myself available work on Thursday nights, and second of all, someone is going to lose this contest, and I’m not sure who to vote for.  Here is the lineup for Thursday night.



8:00 - 9:00 p.m.
ABC *Flash Forward
CBS Survivor
Fox Bones
NBC *SNL Weekend Update Thursday / Parks and Recreation
CW *The Vampire Diaries
9:00 - 10:00 p.m.
ABC Grey’s Anatomy
Fox Fringe
NBC The Office / *Community (moves to 8 p.m. after SNL run) / 30 Rock (after Community moves)
CW Supernatural
10:00 - 11:00 p.m.
ABC Private Practice
CBS The Mentalist
Fox Local Programming
NBC *The Jay Leno Show
CW Local Programming


The 8:00pm timeslot doesn’t concern me…it’s ‘Bones’ all the way.  The 10:00pm timeslot is a little annoying, because I enjoy both ‘Private Practice’ and ‘The Mentalist’.  But the 9:00pm timeslot is very perplexing…’Grey’s Anatomy’, ‘CSI’, ‘Fringe’ and ‘Supernatural’ are all on at the same time!


Don’t these execs realize that they have a whole entire week to work with!  Do they have to put all the best shows on at the exact same time on the exact same night?  They might as well move ‘Criminal Minds’ from Wednesday into the NBC slot, where ‘The Office’ is now, and it will be official…I will only need to turn my television on one night a week!  Even if I record three of the other shows, I either have to stay up until 1 o’clock in the morning to watch them all, or I don’t get to watch them until I have some free time on the weekend.  How is that fair?


My biggest concern is the CBS lineup…it’s unbeatable as far as the ratings go.  Supernatural doesn’t stand a chance against these big hitters, and although ‘Fringe’ has a dedicated fanbase, will they be able to keep up?  Let’s just hope one or two of the networks cave in and send their show to a night with less competition, before anything gets cancelled!  I guess, until then, I have to bow out from everything other than ‘Fringe’.


What show will win your 9:00pm viewing?

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12 Responses to “Fall lineup - Thursday is a nightmare!”

  1. Di

    if i could, it’d be fringe, but i can’t. i can watch grey’s and csi though, and csi wouldn’t be my choice. supernatural is a rerun show. wouldn’t miss any of the others for it. but then again i stopped watching grey’s on premiere night ages yeah, fringe, definitely :p

  2. Mic

    I can see the dilemma for some– luckily for me, I lost interest in everything but Fringe awhile ago…

  3. Di

    yeah but sadly, on the average world, ratings-wise grey’s will take the lead by a landslide, and that doesn’t help us fringe fans at all because lower ratings cause premature and unnecessary cancelations [/dodges to avoid the plates being thrown at her right now for speaking nasty words]

    looking at this objectively, fringe higher tuesday ratings ended up causing a prime night spot it might regret earning in the long run

  4. ariannejean

    Because I have satalite I can usually catch two “9oclock” shows (one at 6 if i remember correctly)
    8-9=Bones (no contest there)
    9-10= fringe (probobly actually at 6 for me) and grey’s at 9 (if they don’t completely ruin it within the first few episode which is likely…)
    10=the mentalist

    …I think i have a tendency to watch WAY too much TV

  5. ariannejean

    @di Grey’s anatomy keeps getting worse and worse and though it was good in it’s time it might just fail before fringe does next year. they lost/fired a lot of actors the last couple seasons and the writing is going way down in entertainment quality. I loved grey’s but this year I’ll be crossing my fingers that it draws it’s final breath.

  6. Jo

    networks always do this to force viewers to make a choice so they can “provide a better service”. I say crap. Luckily I have friends who can record what I miss. Then there is I -tunes. Man I would hate to be in that dilemma on a Thursday I watch all those shows. Why do networks do this. they don’t ask us before they make the show then they mess with us when they do. why can’t they just get on with it? Not like they aren’t still going to make money off dvds anyway.

  7. HuddyIsJoy

    I share your feelings! Stupid network execs. I’ll be watching Bones, Grey’s, and Private. I’ve really been debating the whole Fringe vs. Grey’s thing, but…gah. I figure I can watch Fringe online. And Dollhouse is on the same time as Medium… I’m going to reserve judgement on that one until I see the Medium finale on Monday.

  8. Bradbury

    Very tough indeed …. what are they doing to Fringe? And all this compounded with the DVD release of the first season coming out so late. I’m beginning to wonder if Fringe will see a third season. I hope Abrams and co. have a back-up plan to wrap it up with some full throttle glory in a second season to honor the loyal fans …

  9. Di

    Yeah, that’s why i said i stopped watching grey on premiere night aaages ago, for me right now they’re just winging it. i usually catch it once the season’s completely over OR on the post-airing on other channels in latin america. But i can’t see fringe anyways as there is no way whatsoever to get american fox here, only fox-la, which doesn’t air it. so i can’t really help the ratings, although for that we’ll have to see what the first couple of epis of grey’s bring over..or in this case won’t bring, so see who will stick it out

    i thought i’d read that medium got cancelled, did they bring it back? everybody was complaining that a show that actually does ‘ok’ ratings wise’ got the cut

    yeah, the dvd date is a bad sign indeed, but no producers have the delicacy of planning ahead, so cross your fingers we don’t lose it, because we might never really get closure if we do. only hope would be j.j.’s newfound fondness for film, but then again, i’m stilll waiting for the dark angel movie..sci fi isn’t a priority on hollywood =(

  10. Scully

    @ Di: ‘Medium’ has been picked up by CBS, and will air on Friday nights right after ‘Ghost Whisperer’. I actually like that line-up, those are my two feel-good paranormal shows.

  11. Alexandre de S Thiago Lemke

    I don’t live in the USA, so the schedule is irrelevant for me. Hulu, DVD sales, iTunes, etc., those doesn’t matter to keep the series alive? I hope it’s not cancelled.

  12. Keightee

    We’ve always had trouble with Thursdays at 9:00 ever since Grey’s Anatomy moved there. Then we got a DVR that could record 2 shows at once so we thought we were OK…until my roommate starting wanting to watch The Office. Now with Fringe moving, we’re screwed. We have HDTV so we would really like to watch all of the shows on our TV.

    It’s all about money for networks. CSI will probably still consistently win the time slot unless Grey’s Anatomy stops sucking, or more people start watching Fringe.

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