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Oct 15,

Easter Eggs – 204 Momentum Deferred – Part 2

Easter Eggs | Fringe - 204 Momentum Deferred | Posted by Scully

Here are the rest of the clues and Easter Eggs discovered in Episode 204 – “Momentum Deferred”


- J.J. Abrams’ and Bad Robot’s favorite frozen beverage, Slusho! made another guest appearance…Slusho has also been seen in the Fringe episode ‘The Road Not Taken’, and in the Fringe Season 2 promotional poster – not to mention in Alias, Cloverfield, Heroes, and Star Trek.


- Elias Cryogenics: Elias is the middle name of Walt Disney (who, according to urban legend, had his body cryogenically frozen).

- The actor, Roger R. Cross, who plays a member of the shape-shifter group call “The first wave”, played a major role in a television series of the same name.  Thanks to Cyberprimate for this tidbit.

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- The symbol drawn by William Bell looks like the Greek letter omega. It is the last letter in the Greek alphabet and it symbolizes the end and destruction.  It could also be a reference to “the mark of the beast” from the Bible.


- After Nina has explained William Bell’s reference to the “last great storm”, it starts to thunder and rain. A fitting precursor to Olivia’s face-off with first-wave soldier, Evil Charlie.

- The words “To Sleep, Perchance, To Dream” are written on the wall (top right). This is a William Shakespeare quote from Hamlet. Considering the title of tonight’s episode, this might be the next episode clue.  (Amy Jessup quoted Shakespeare in episode 201 – A New Day in the Old Town).


- Peter and Olivia discussed about a 1978 movie called “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. Leonard Nimoy, who plays William Bell, is playing Dr. David Kibner in that movie. It is also the name of the hippie girl, Jessica Kibner.  Thanks to Cyberprimate for this tidbit.

- In the other world with Bell, Olivia is seen drinking tea…another possible reference to ‘Alice in Wonderland’. (The Mad Tea Party)

- On the back of the last reference…the term “mad as a hatter” refers to hat-makers dying from mercury poisoning, since mercury was used in the making of hats. As we know, the shape-shifters in Fringe drink mercury.

- Last year we saw a lot of the green, green, green, red pattern. In this episode we see green and red lights, but it seems more like red, red, red green.  You also see the same pattern on the security panel in the shape-shifters’ truck.  Has this been done on purpose…another reflection trick to symbolize the other world?


- There were a lot of reflections in this episode: To name the more obvious ones…

- Olivia’s reflection on the forensic van.
- Olivia’s reflection in the window on the other side in Bell’s office window.
- Olivia’s reflection in the window at Massive Dynamic.
- Charlie’s reflection in the rear-view mirror.


- In one of Olivia’s flashbacks the following image is seen…

It is the only image that is not an actual clip from her visit on the other side.  It this Olivia’s brain attempting to access the information, but it is just coming to her jumbled…or did this clip get cut from the final version of the show?  Bell doesn’t actually mention Laston Hennings Cryogenics, so I assume it’s Olivia trying to connect the dots.

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  1. Vsxe

    There were also a Peter’s reflection in a mirror when Peter is analyzing the Shape Shifting Devices with Olivia. (very obvious)