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Apr 29,

Easter Egg or Fringe Fumble?

Easter Eggs | Fringe - 118 Midnight | Posted by Scully

Remember that pesky tape-roll holder from “Unleashed”?  You know, the one that started me on the yellow-red-blue kick?

tape rolls in Walter's lab


Well, this week, in Dr. Boones lab, look what I found…

tape rolls in Boone's lab

After all of my ranting and raving about the yellow-red-blue color pattern, I find it hard to believe that this is a coincidence.


I suppose it could be a popular piece of lab equipment…but I watch a lot of Sci-Fi and Medical shows and I’ve never seen one before.  Or, perhaps the crew was low on props, so they just moved some stuff around.  Or maybe, Walter gave it to him.


Come on…not likely.  Oh boy, I’m obsessed.

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9 Responses to “Easter Egg or Fringe Fumble?”

  1. pr3sidentspence

    I think they may have just reused a piece of set dressing. But you never know…

  2. pr3sidentspence

    There was one pretty obvious fumble in 118 though, Walter says the dentition on the wounds was human, but when Mrs. Boone attacks she’s got a maw full of little snake fangs.

  3. Scully

    I saw that, as well as three other fumbles in 118, but I’m saving them for my ‘Fringe Fumble Roundup’ posts during the summer.

    Good eye, pr3sidentspence

  4. JGG

    Colored tape is used in laboratories to mark physical hazards. More info:

    What color means what: http://www.labsafety.com/refinfo/ezfacts/ezf202.htm

    Buy some of the tape http://www.identi-tape.com/label-half.html

  5. more connections

    My friend Dach noticed the same red-blue-yellow tape-roller thingie in Loeb’s lab from Bound:


    It is either deliberate or just a re-used prop over and over, but my gut tells me it’s a significant easteregg since it’s shown up now in at least three different labs from different episodes …

    *****Edited by Scully*****

  6. Scully

    That’s fantastic, three episodes now! I am curious to watch “Bound” again, and see if there are any more easter eggs connecting the red-yellow-blue pattern.

    I also wonder if it has been in any other episodes that we haven’t noticed yet.

  7. more colors

    I have a small theory about the colors tying back to the Cure …

    In that episode, we see all the colors represented but not in the usual way:

    At the end of the epi, when Walter and Peter are getting ready to retire to their hotel room they began discussing their respective toothbrush colors. Peter reminds Walter to make sure to use his toothbrush, and to identify it by color. He says: “Red is for Peter, White is for Walter.”

    Also, again at the end of the epi, Olivia gets her “birthday card” covered in yellow daisies.

    And lest we leave out blue, throughout the episode Walter craves blue cotton candy (it has to be blue) and blue hyacinths.

    So in some ways, we all the colors represented there, with direct references to whom they pertain to:

    White for Walter
    Red for Peter
    Yellow for Olivia
    Blue for something else (possibly the lights and the “ether” or something)

    Just a thought

    BTW — I wondered about the Star Trek advertising connection to the colors before, but I think it goes beyond that. There are way too many of them to be mere manipulating tools for the masses to get them to go and see Star Trek. If that is their only purpose though, I’ll be pretty disappointed in JJ and co. But considering the upcoming referenes in the next epi(s), I wouldn’t put it past them …

  8. Scully

    White for Walter
    Red for Peter
    Yellow for Olivia

    I like it. Great catch! Maybe blue is the Observer. I am definitely interested to see more connections using this theory. For instance, the episode “Unleased” had all the red in it, and the glyph code was ‘PETER’, although the glyphs for Walter and Olivia don’t match up.

  9. pr3sidentspence

    The Star Trek advertising referenced the primary colours of the original series and new movies’ uniforms, I think.

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