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Apr 20, 2009

Cortexifan website

Cortexifan | Viral/ARG | Posted by Scully

I thought I would do a bit of research on the drug that was possibly administered to Olivia when she was a child.  This is what I found…click the image to visit the website.

Cortexifan Website

Cortexifan Website


I assume this is part of the “Fringe” viral campaign.  The first part is the test subject and number, the second part, I believe, to be initials of the person. the third part is the year they were tested and the last part is a ‘P’ for positive or a ‘N’ for negative.


Here is the interesting thing…


Test Subject 1 PB 80 P – Could this be Peter Bishop?

Test Subject 24 RL 81 P

Test Subject 32 MM 81 P

Test Subject 42 OD 83 P*- Could this be Olivia Dunham?


If I have interpreted this correctly, then what I want to know is…who is ‘RL’ and ‘MM’?  And what does the asterisks beside Olivia’s ‘P’ mean?  Anyone have any ideas?

12 Responses to “Cortexifan website”

  1. Dennis

    Cotexiphan is spelled with a PH, not an F. This site is a fake, or what they call a “gamejack”

  2. iagree

    I was gonna say the same thing as Dennis …. this site is a wannabe only …. nothing to see there, carry on …. ;)

  3. amz

    Also says ‘treament results’ instead of treatment lol in the heading. Woulda been pretty cool though…

  4. Scully

    That’s too bad, I was looking forward to figuring out who ‘RL’ and ‘MM’ are.

  5. Dennis

    The good news, is that Cortexiphan.com *could* be a possible website in the future. I believe it was registered before any public mention of Cortexiphan…

    Scully, is there a way to email you?

  6. Thormoor

    If this was real P could have possible meant Positive. Oh well.

  7. Di

    yes, a way to email scully would be great. i was thinking just that.

  8. Scully

    You can email me at

  9. Alex Torma

    IF and only IF this site is believable at all, the P with a asterisk might hint at whatever “incident” that was contained that we heard William Bell talking about on the VHS at the end of the episode.

  10. Alex Torma

    But to make the site even more unbelievable, there is no NL for Nick Lane

  11. AnĂ´nimo

    RL – rick lane?

  12. (9)November

    it is possible the words r misspelled on purpose. i doubt it but maybe. if so, people do change there names. and mitchel loab should be there too im pretty sure.