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Aug 20,

Complete the Pattern – Here we go again! – Find the Glyphs!

Complete the Pattern | Symbols & Glyphs | Viral/ARG | Posted by Scully

Time: 9:00pm

Well, here we go again folks!  They have restarted the countdown to what will be midnight for me.  It is about three hours away and I am really left wondering what will happen this time.  For those who might not be aware, last time the clock counted down to zero…nothing happened.  A small group of us stayed up until 4 o’clock in the morning waiting for the time zones all around the world to catch up with us…and still nothing happened!

Needless to say, I am a bit skeptical this time, but I am a devoted follower and so I wait.  Tick Tock, Tick Tock.

I will leave this post open and update it on a regular basis until something…or nothing happens.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed.



Time: 9:05pm

Let’s keep busy…check out this poster a little closer…find the glyphs.


Time: 10:33pm

Well that was a good way to pass some time.  Her’s what we found so far…can anybody find the apple or the horn?


Time: 11:46pm

14 minutes to go, and my hopes are not very high.  I’m not hearing good news from time zones who’s counters have reached zero, and I’ll be damned if I wait up until Hawaii catches up with us tonight.

Here is a manipulated version of the poster…it’s a little easier to make out the dark areas.


Time: 12:14

3…2…1…and nothing once again!  YOU GUYS SUCK!

73 Responses to “Complete the Pattern – Here we go again! – Find the Glyphs!”

  1. Di

    here here!

    PS: we truly are suckers for our fringe. i think i speak for scully when i say: join on on twitter, friends! let the massacre begin!

  2. Scully

    I have found four glyphs so far, and I’m still looking.

  3. Di

    i got 5..if it was larger it’d be easier lol

  4. s.

    i just found the handprint.

  5. Di

    i have smoke, handprint, butterfly, lily and leaf..

  6. s.

    and the thing in walter’s hand is an apple?

  7. s.

    nobody have this image in HQ? D:

  8. Scully

    ok, i found

    - smoke
    - hand
    - butterfly
    - leaf

    what is the fifth one that you found? lily? is that a glyph?

    I can’t tell if it’s an apple, it looks like he’s sipping something. the resolution sucks

  9. Scully

    this is the highest resolution that i was able to find, not even FOX has a copy

  10. Di

    no s., that’s a slusho on walter’s hand. i also found the daisy [i have no idea why i said lily] and now i found the frog. oh! AND the observer [lol]

  11. Di

    found the seahorse!

  12. Scully

    oh, i got it…it’s the daisy.

    is that a rabbit? maybe it’s a new glyph for season 2.

    bottom left…looks like a photograph among the leaves…wish i could see it better.

  13. Scully

    is the seahorse on olivia’s jacket, near the bottom?

    ok, i can’t find the frog, where is the damn thing?

    did you really find the observer, or was that a little fun time?

  14. Di

    ok..in order.

    yes, that’s a rabbit, which’s led me to believe it’s sort of a pun..you know, big hole, white rabbit..alice in wonderland? [oh oh fou trust!]

    yes it does look like a picture..maybe one of walter’s clippings from the lab notes?

    yes, that’s the seahorse.

    the frog is on the tree trunk [awfully small, i recognized the shape], find the lower branch [the thickest one], about mid way to the end, starting from the trunk.

    the observer, i think, is above peter’s shoulder..in the distance

  15. s.

    thanks di!
    i found the observer. he’s behind peter.

  16. Di

    i think i spotted something that resembles the apple..but it’s too small and too dark..only thing that looks like it though. we still need the horn

  17. Scully

    so we still need the horn and the apple

  18. Di

    i found one thing that resembles an apple, and 2 that could resemble the horn, nothing clear though [although thank you for the bigger version]. also, notice the blue lights

  19. immortallies

    I has returned from errands! sry I missed out on all the fun so far… lol. No staying up for me tonight — I’ve got a very busy two weeks.

    anyway… actually, ‘Over There’ has a hi-res of the promo poster, and everything labeled… it’s just not large, lol. xD and the rabbit helped confirm foutrust for them (THANK GOD, they were all skeptics. xD)

    lawl… anyway, you guys have fun this time. ^^

  20. wilh1206

    I’m waiting to. Is the time time zone specific this time. Mine’s set to end at 12:00 AM EST.

  21. Scully

    where is the image ‘over there’…what discussion is it under? can you put the link?

  22. ariannejean

    Aww. I seem to have missed a fun puzzle. Hey all ^_^
    here to stay until the counters all hit 00:00:00

  23. wilh1206

    There appears to be something under the leaf to the left of the “rabbit hole.” I can’t tell what it is thought. It kinda looks like a card. Could it be one of the cards from the tests that Olvia was supposed to take?

  24. immortallies


    there ya go. ^^

  25. s.

    the counter will end at 12 AM in all the world?

  26. ariannejean

    did any one notice that on the thereismore site you can illuminate the brail and keep it illuminate by clicking them and then dragging off of it before you let go? maybe if you illuminate them all in a certain order something will happen.

  27. s.

    well, zero. and nothing

  28. wilh1206

    @s. I still have 57 minutes.

  29. ariannejean

    I’m pretty sure if the e-mail is coming from WB it won’t come until ALL world clocks hit 12:00.

    I’m still at 2 hours and 53 mins.

  30. s.

    yeah, probably not. but I have to wake early tomorrow, then I see this in the morning.

  31. Scully

    I don’t know if i can stay up til 4am again

  32. Di

    hmm..you CAN highlight all braille..have we done any research on it? i’m matching letters and numbers and this is what i got [and if this was done i missed it, and i apologize]:

    add hi ee cd ba ac h e
    144 89 55 34 21 13 8 5

    does any of that ring a bell? i’m too sleepy to even think right now..

  33. immortallies

    I’m exhausted too. I make no heads or tails of it. xD

    maybe the letters are an anagram? has anyone looked into that?

  34. immortallies

    okay, so I checked — rubbish. The only really good one was ‘bad headache iced’ and ‘bad iced headache’ xD

  35. Di

    oh but the ram’s horn is still missing ‘over there’. and yes, what they said was the apple is what looked to me as sort of an apple, but i’m srsl not sold on it..i’m going to keep on looking..but tomorrow..i can barely keep my eyes open [this is what happens when they move countdown day to a wednesday instead of a friday i guess]

  36. wilh1206

    The numbers are the fibonacci sequance
    5, 8, 13 etc.
    The letters don’t mean anything.
    If we’re supposed to highlight the braile in a certain order, it will be the order that the glyphs appear on the show. But personally I don’t think it was intentional, just a simple flash error.

  37. Di

    ah you’re right..dang i MUST be sleepy, it’s the fibonacci backwards *slaps hand on forehead moronically*

  38. ariannejean

    it’s still pretty early in my timezone. 9:30pm

    I know where the apple is on the high-res photo and it is not where that link said it was.

  39. Scully

    ok, please do share

  40. Scully

    @ Di: are you leaving us already?

  41. Di

    where is it then?!

    on other news, i’m down to 22m and i have no ‘fading letters’. but then again i got the skip button waaaay later for some reason back when the site changed. anyone got a change on the sign yet?

  42. immortallies

    I’m down to 19 minutes and no missing letters — maybe it was a glitch for some people. They have this set up so poorly as it is… but I got the skip on time, so I dunno…

  43. Di

    i know i said this repeatedly 2 weeks ago..but this is awfully choppy for fringe. SPECIALLY for fringe. these people were so careful before, so meticulous. what the hell happened with keeping people up all night long..twice! and for no good reason! are they sabotaging the show on purpose?!

    anyways, i’m checking my spam folder anyways, only God knows it’d be mad funny if we were expecting an email that never came, while it sits peacefully for hours/days on the spam folder

  44. immortallies

    lol, my spam folder was deactivated because I’d rather see the mail and delete it than have something important sitting there…

    but, as it were, I don’t think it’s Fringe/Fox who made up this idea — I think it was Warner Brother’s. Fox IS known for being very meticulous and proud of their ARG stuff, while WB is just sloppy and downright bad. Considering it’s WB who’s affiliated with the website the most, not Fox, then it’s probably something they cooked up to boost sales.

  45. ariannejean

    it’s on the bottom of the branch below the F, directly under the F. It’s hard to see on the res of our photo because the apple is tiny.

    I just added a higher res poster to my (newly made-specifically for fringe-ness)photobucket.
    http://s931.photobucket.com/albums/ad160/ariannejean_ /?action=view¤t=FringeS2Poster.jpg

  46. Di

    saw it! thx ariannejean!

  47. immortallies

    *GASP* huge find! Thanks a lot arianne!

    also, the photo isn’t a photo — it’s playing cards, with the Queen (wasn’t that Olivia’s?) on top.

  48. Di

    oh def alice in wonderland reference! i just read ‘over there’ that the ‘pictures’ on the left side of the hole, are cards, as in playing cards. and thanks to ariannejean’s version of the picture, you can clearly see that the card on top is the queen of hearts. DEFINITELY alice in wonderland. Fou Trust is getting stronger ppl!

  49. wilh1206

    Just hit 0 aaannnd… nothing.

  50. Di

    oh! and it was immortallies that said it..and you commented before me. you’re clever woman. and as my countdown hit 00 00 00 00, i’m off to catch some valuable zzzz

    hawaii comes at 6am, i should catch it in the morning, in case that, by miracle, something does happen. aurevoir!

  51. ariannejean

    As always, glad to be at all helpful.

    I agree. there’s a white rabbit, a whole, a queen of hearts. Sounds like an Alice reference to me.

  52. Di

    ok now i AM going to bed, but before i do, the smoke on top [the glyph] on arianne’s version of the poster you can clearly see it’s actually a profile, a face, eyes and nose included, with an open mouth, like screaming or blowing something out. did the glyph ever had so much detail?

    and if everything else is there, we still need the horn then.

  53. immortallies

    lawl, yay for me! ^^

    yep, definite Alice reference… and yes, the smoke always had that much detail. I don’t ever get it when people said it didn’t… :/ it always has for me…

    Ram’s horn. Right.

    Maybe that’s the one that’s missing?

  54. ariannejean

    I’ll keep searching the picture.

    Maybe the horn won’t show up. Has it been used as a letter yet?

  55. Scully

    ok, i’ve updated the images with the hi-res versions, and included the queen of hearts card, the apple and the observer.

    we still need the horn.

  56. Scully

    omg…the building in the background has the MD logo on the top right corner

  57. immortallies

    Haha! Good ole Massive Dynamic! xD If you were a real company I’d SO be stalking your people! lol.

    anyway, yeah, I posted a few above that I think WB is behind this rather than Fox, as a marketing ploy… oh well. :/

  58. Scully

    Well, that’s it for me. Hawaii doesn’t catch up for another 6 hours, so I will check it out in the morning.

    Have a great night everyone.

  59. ariannejean

    I’m very sure that if something IS going to happen it’s going to be when EVERYONE is at 00:00:00

  60. ariannejean

    6 hours? Ugg. After I’m done with this picture I’m going to go and finish packing (I’m going camping tomorrow.. that will kill an hour at most but I am determined to be here when everyone hit’s 00:00:00

  61. ariannejean

    MY counter hit 0. nothing as of yet. Good news is thanks to my procrastination I have to pack/prepare for a four day camp out. I will probobly be up still when all clocks hit 0.

  62. ariannejean

    GRRRRRR. The site is not doing anything new and it should officially be 00:00:00:00 everywhere.
    There are no new e-males in my my inbox and the only thing in my junk box is male enhancement spam. ):

  63. ariannejean

    I’ll be back Sunday night. You all have fun…if this ever actually does anything other then keep me awake past 4am!

  64. wilh1206

    It’s 6:58 here. Maybe the last timer will hit zero in two minutes.

  65. Dan

    With the picture from http://www.fringefiles.com/gallery/displayimage.php?album=37&pos=0 I catched some other stuff.
    In the right upper coner there’s something that reminds me to the Heroes Helix Symbol
    Also there’s something underneath Olivia’s flashlight but I’m not really sure what it is.
    When you open the Complete The Pattern site there’s the seahorse, the leaf and the frog. In the Promo Picture those three are in a triangle but in the middle there’s just Walter’s coat and I’m not sure, if that’s important

  66. Di

    well it’s 8am ET, and nothing. nothing at all. could it be they’re doing this on purpose? to annoy us all to death? maybe WB is trying to sabotage FOX so their ratings on thursday nights sink..

    [a little corporate conspiracy theories are good for the soul]

  67. Scully

    @ Dan: thanks for the super hi res image. i have replaced the images in the post so everyone can have a better look.

    i saw that symbol you are talking about in the top right corner on the leaf. what’s that about?

    now you can actually read ‘Massive Dynamic’ on the building.

    i think the thing underneath olivia’s flashlight is just the zipper of her coat sleeve.

    still no horn though.

  68. Dan

    @Scully The Symbol is from “Heroes”. It stands for the abilities of the main persons. This is an article about it: http://heroeswiki.com/The_Symbol

  69. Scully

    @ Dan: it kind of reminds me of the symbol that Kevin Costner was seeing everywhere in the movie ‘Dragonfly’ which was supposed to be the cartographic symbol for a waterfall.


  70. immortallies

    Over There figured it out


    that simple. >

  71. immortallies

    and not because it was that simple… but because it’s just a stupid sweepstakes with a sneak peek clip that’s from an old episode.

  72. s.

    this link is correct?

  73. s.

    the correct link (:

    just from USA? thank you warner.