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Aug 8,

Complete the Pattern – A Complete Bust!

Complete the Pattern | Viral/ARG | Posted by Scully

For those of you just tuning in, I’m sure the first thing you did this morning was check your email and the complete the pattern website.  You got nothing?  Welcome to the club.

A small handful of us stayed up pretty much all night waiting for all of the counters around the entire world to count down to zero in hopes that something-anything would happen.

Nada, Nil, Zilch, Bupkis.  There are a couple minor variations, but there is still no actual activity.  There is now a skip button, and it reads ‘REGISTER TO RECEIVE NOTIFICATIONS WHEN PHASE 2 BEGINS’.


I haven’t been this thrown for a loop since Bruce Willis turned out to be dead in ‘The SIxth Sense’, and that’s saying something!  When does Phase 2 begin already?

Di and I have been throwing around the theory that we have missed the boat completely.  There is something that we missed.  Is it possible that we must activate the site ourselves?  Do WE have to ‘complete the pattern’?  We are now working on the idea of using Fibonacci numbers to try and unlock something, but we could use everyone’s help.  Put on your thinking caps and help us try to figure out what went wrong.

Any ideas anyone?

39 Responses to “Complete the Pattern – A Complete Bust!”

  1. immortallies

    I got something for the 21/5/89 date things… I’m looking at a compiled timeline ******, and it says that 1989 was the approx. date of both walter performing the ghost network experiment and walter testing on the hybrid animals in Kelvin Genetics for the army, if that helps.

    Edited by Scully: Sorry had to be done: here’s my timeline although I don’t have the ghost network one.
    http://observersarehere.com/timeline-part-3-1980-1989/ /06/

  2. Scully

    @ immortallies: Here is the complete timeline supplied by ThreeWoes otherwise known as Bradbury.

    http://observersarehere.com/wp-content/uploads/ /08/fringe_timeline_by_threewoes.jpg

  3. Scully

    ok, so how does this relate?

    immortallies mentioned something “what about doing something mathematical to the numbers, like the formula a+b/b=a/b, or subtracting 21&5 from 89 to get 63?”

    let’s work with that.

  4. Sinoco

    Is it possible that if you put in a certain phrase, set of numbers, email into the textbox that it will unlock phase 2?

  5. Scully

    @ Sinoco: this is one of the ideas we have been working on…the question is – what numbers? what phrase?

  6. Di

    ooook dearly beloved, so this is what we know so far [courtesy of scully's, immortallies, arrianejean's and yours truly's sleepless night of last night, and early ocd morning]:

    • completethepattern.com changed, they removed all signs of an ending coutdown [besides the countdown on itself which reads 00 00 00 00], added a skip button and removed all evidence of a sneak peak clip OR a secret clip. backing up on us? i’d hate to think so!

    •So we believe all this is a numeric pattern of sorts, because the glyphs chosen to be used on completethepattern [except por el ram's horn, which was already used on a previous website we all know and love called Imagine The Impossibilities -ITI- as an alternate link which consisted of the golden ratio numeric sequence that lead straight to the Case 0091 site BUT skipped evidence Nr. 1].

    What do we have regarding the glyps then?

    As i said, imagine the imposibilities had an alternative in the beginning, a website with the fibonacci sequence AS the link. so it got me thinking, what numbers do we have? We have a leaf with a DELTA, a frog with a PHI and a seahorse with the FIBONACCI SPIRAL.

    In the system of Greek numerals, DELTA has a value of 4.

    Then we have PHI, which in the system of Greek numerals it has a value of 500 (??) or 500,000 (??). [...] The lower-case letter [or often its variant] is used as a symbol for the golden ratio in mathematics, art, and architecture [1.61803398874989484820458683436563811772\

    ..and then, as if to save the gap, we have the seahorse with the golden spiral both on its back and on its tail..whose relation to the fibonacci is well, mathematical [fibonacci = 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987…]

    • Then we have the smaller pattern of ‘leaf-seahorse-frog’ then ‘seahorse-frog-leaf’, so that should be the order the numbers should follow, AND we have either a scalene or isosceles triangle with the golden dots around the site [both connected to the golden ratio in on themselves], which also have formulas of their own to withdraw numbers from the sequence to achieve the value of the angles..but that seems way too complicated, even for fringe.

    •Finally, and based on that same smaller pattern, Scully pointed out some of what was missing [as far as combinations went] was is frog leaf seahorse…equivalent to 21 5 89? which then resembles a date. There, you can take it back to immortallies’s first post here to see what followed.

    Anyways, this is long, but this is what we’ve gathered so far. Also curious to point out is that both 4 [delta] and 23 [from the time of the countdown] are also used by JJ on The Numbers on Lost. Nothing there either though.

  7. immortallies

    @scully yeah yeah, Threewoes’ timeline was the one I was looking at. I’m not sure where they got the ghost network, but that was the only date connection of 89 i could find.

  8. Scully

    Fantastic recap Di: I thought I would throw something else into the mix as far as patterns go. In episode 8 ‘The Equation’ everyone is trying hard as hell to complete their own pattern (the equation), but one pattern that was never completed in my mine, never revealed anyways…was the domino and crayon pattern.


    Maybe we are meant to complete that pattern. Music is just math, isn’t that what Walter said. Now I only have to find a website that converts sheet music to mathematical equations and I’m on my way.

    A bit far out, I know, but I’m running out of simple ideas.

  9. Scully

    According to legend, the way Pythagoras discovered that musical notes could be translated into mathematical equations was when one day he passed blacksmiths at work, and thought that the sounds emanating from their anvils being hit were beautiful and harmonious and decided that whatever scientific law caused this to happen must be mathematical and could be applied to music. He went to the blacksmiths to learn how this had happened by looking at their tools, he discovered that it was because the anvils were “simple ratios of each other, one was half the size of the first, another was 2/3 the size, and so on.

    The Pythagoreans elaborated on a theory of numbers, the exact meaning of which is still debated among scholars. Pythagoras believed in something called the “harmony of the spheres.” He believed that the planets and stars moved according to mathematical equations, which corresponded to musical notes and thus produced a symphony.

    My problem with this is that no primary sources about Pythagoras have survived. Many of the accomplishments credited to Pythagoras may actually have been accomplishments of his colleagues and successors. Now I have to find one of them.

  10. immortallies

    harmony of the spheres… do i hear a Doctor Who special ringing on? xD (sorry, Doctor Who thing…)

    I don’t think that the musical qualities have anything to do with this viral, considering that the site has no sound in itself… and there’s no way to put sound into the site as an answer to the email submitting form.

    Besides, it says that you have to enter a valid email no matter what you type in; if it’s not an email, then it hasn’t worked.

  11. Scully

    Pythagorean tuning is based on a stack of perfect fifths, each tuned in the ratio 3:2, the next simplest ratio after 2:1, which is the ratio of an octave. Starting from D for example, the A is tuned such that the frequency ratio of A and D is 3:2 — if D is tuned to 288 Hz, then the A is tuned to 432 Hz. The E above A is also tuned in the ratio 3:2 — with the A at 432 Hz, this puts the E at 648 Hz, 9:4 above the original D. When describing tunings, it is usual to speak of all notes as being within an octave of each other, and as this E is over an octave above the original D, it is usual to halve its frequency to move it down an octave. Therefore, the E is tuned to 324 Hz, a 9:8 above the D. The B at 3:2 above that E is tuned to the ratio 27:16 and so on. Starting from the same point working the other way, also from D to G is tuned as 3:2. With D at 288 Hz, this arrives at G at 192 Hz, or, brought into the same octave, to 384 Hz.

    Here is the chart he plotted, but I cannot read sheet music, can anyone lay out what the notes are on the sheet?



  12. Scully

    @ immortallies: I guess you’re right, I just don’t know what angle to take anymore.

  13. immortallies

    I’d love to help, but I’m only a trainee when it come to music and I can only read the singer’s portion of the music, not the instrument parts… and if my friend wasn’t too busy to be on the internet anymore, I’d email it to her and see what she said because she’s a musician, but as it were she’s practicing with the band 6 days a week now. >

  14. fm 11

    hey everyone

    has anybody actually sent the text and waited for a text reply? i can’t seem to get it to go through.

  15. s.

    hey, I found something funny. was looking at the html of the page, then I found the following information:
    Copyright 1997-2022 Omniture, Inc.
    More info available at http://www.omniture.com

    but, in omniture’s site is written:
    Copyright 1996- . Omniture, Inc. All rights reserved.

    why are the dates different?

  16. immortallies

    oh no, omniture? that’s a marketing thing… does this mean that this really was an elaborate marketing scheme?

  17. Scully

    Wait, how did you view the html? I tried to view the page source, but had no luck.
    Never mind, I found the page source. Where do you see the omniture thing?

    What does omniture mean for our viral website?

  18. Scully

    found it

  19. Scully

    this is interesting:

    s.pageName=”Fringe S1 Complete the Pattern Site”
    s.channel=”Main Site”
    s.prop1=”Fringe S1 Complete the Pattern Site”

    there are obviously other pages ready for something, but there is nothing there yet.

  20. immortallies

    so, why haven’t they been acivated yet? the people are too busy to get their lazy butts into gear?

  21. Di

    why i’ll be damned! i step out for a little while and so much progress on our road to nothing’ness! lol and scully, funny you mention music..’cause, erm..http://www.research.att.com/~njas/sequences/midi/A001622.mid..that's the piano interpretation of the golden ratio, as i found it on a research site

    i was refreshing my alice in wonderland while, started a few chapters before the mock turtle’s tale so be able to grasp everything..and then i stumbled upon the most classic quote of the whole book, by our beloved cheshire cat [and mind me this is totally unrelated but still a clean breath of air on this crazy quest we've started for ourselves]:

    “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?, -”That depends a good deal on where you want to get to”, said the Cat. -”I don’t much care where-”, said Alice. -”Then it doesn’t matter which way you go”, said Alice, -”…So long as i get somewhere”, Alice added as an explanation.

    jijiji had i mentioned how much i love that book?

    Anyways, i’m back to work, i’m scribbling numbers as we speak, but just trying to find a clue as to where to start searching for a new viral site that might have opened [i can't shake the hunch, blame my stubborn mind]

  22. Di

    double damned! this is a website to convert algorithms and numeric sequences into music [i know i know, music might not be the answer, but this is still totally cool!]


  23. immortallies

    lol, that does seem like a breath of fresh air! ^^

    as I started thinking as soon as I posted my previous comment, maybe the pattern is us activating the other sites. xD

    anyway… okay, so we’re working with 21/5/89 numbers. Why don’t we add the other 6, from the previous two sequences? so what is that… 21/5/89/5/89/21/89/21/5, am I right?

    what can we do with all those numbers?

  24. Di

    ok, i find something else..i figured that having the source for complethepattern.com might give us some answers, if not a place to start.

    so first, on the omniture part, you see a link directing you to the details controlled by this marketing company..apparently they’re in charge of the functioning of the site.

    so you go to the site, http://www.warnerbros.com/all/us/omniture/s_code_wbrostheatricaldomesticdvd.js
    and guess one, first i stumble upon this:

    * Plugin: getTimeParting 1.3 – Set timeparting values based on time zone

    so the countdown WAS time-zone sensitive. the whole debunkers was either intentional, or simply crappy programming then. as i don’t speak IT geek [although i very much wish i did], everything else from there on is gibberish. dunno if it’s worth anything but someone who knows car-and-driver might take a look in case there’s something we’re missing in the visitor’s possible paths..i noticed how the privacy policy and the terms of use in the bottom of completethepattern are links BUT when you hover, the little hand to click doesn’t come up..i tried hovering around everywhere while checking the path bar on my browser to see if anything showed up, with no luck. but who knows. the key is on that screen, we just need to figure out where.

  25. immortallies

    just found another sort of silly connection to 1989 — on the Massive Dynamic website, in the history section, the picture of the massive dynamic has three strings of dates — 1989 is in there.

  26. Di

    another dead end on my side..i finished the mock turtle’s tale [one of -if not the- shortest chapters on both alice in wonderland and through the looking glass]. So the only connection i found, given that apparently the focus of our attention should be griffin [or gryphon, as even when one goes to archive the example given for one of the search tags if 'the gryphon'], is on one of the notes of the books, which explains that “the Gryphon is the emblem of Oxford’s Trinity College. It appears on Trinity’s main gate [...]“. Walter Bishop attended Oxford for part of his post-grad education [as well as MIT], so that might just be another clue that the ‘founder’ is indeed Walter Bishop himself..although, i repeat, i don’t recall the dates exactly but i think that by 1991, date of the alleged founding of Fou Trust, Walter was already committed at St. Claire’s after the fire.

  27. immortallies

    actually, if we go to ThreeWoes timeline, it was the last few months of 1991 that Walter was institutionalized… AND, I might note for no apparant reason, that was when John Scott joined the FBI i believe…

  28. immortallies

    PLUS, foutrust.com’s FAQ (that i just read) says this:

    Q: Who is the founder of Fou Trust?

    A: The founder has asked that his identity be kept private during an extended leave of absence. He has placed all of his assets in trust and asked that all be kept confidential until his return, his death or the passing of 20 years.

    Walter locked up in Saint Claire’s?

  29. Di


    ..this still helps us in no way with phase 2 though..so frustrating..i’m going to make a batch of choc chip cookies and drown my sorrows [and lack of sleep] on fatty sweets *sighs*

  30. immortallies

    hmm.. has anyone attemtped to use the contact form for that yet? *might as well focus on the active arg…*

  31. immortallies

    i’m off to eat and watch a couple movies… won’t be back for awhile, have fun solving. ^^

  32. Di

    i haven’t..assumed it wouldn’t work just like the MD fiasco..might as well give it a try though /ponders

  33. Sinoco

    Scully, the notes for lab notes 108 (if you still want them) are E A A | D F A | D B B C | D, next line, G B G D G D repeat, next line G D D C C G | G. Do the flats and sharps make a difference? I only put the letters. Also note, Walter drew a line from the first bar (EAA) to before the second last one (GDDCCG).

  34. Adam

    It is counting down again!!!

    it’s at 2 days!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. ariannejean

    OMG! it is!
    I guess they missed there deadlines and had to reschedule or something… either way something better come of it this time…I’ll be gone again

  36. immortallies

    lol, I just got on here to say that!

    THE COUNTDOWN HAS RESTARTED! ‘Over There’ thinks it may be serious this time…

    I’ve input my email for about the 9th time, let’s hope we get something good this time…

  37. Di

    remember countdown ends tonight! how’s the pitchforks and torches team? ready you guys?

  38. ariannejean

    I’ll probobly be able to stay up again. I can wake up a few hours later tomorrow then I could last time. XD

  39. Di

    ariannejean: hahahaha a few hours later? i think you didn’t sleep at all last time, and you went to sleep later than all of us!