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Trivia/Quizz #3 - What’s missing?

Each of the following images is missing something.  Can you figure out what it is?  Click on the thumbnail to view the full images.


Question 1 - Episode 10 - "Safe" Mr. Jones's kit

Question 2 - Episode 15 - "Inner Child" The fax recieved from the 'Artist'.

Question 3 - Episode 1 - "Pilot" Access panel where they take John Scott.

Question 4 - Episode 16 - "Unleashed" Walter's omelet.

Question 5 - Episode 8 - "The Equation" Loeb's experiment

Question 6 - Episode 6 - "The Cure" opening scene

Question 7 - Episode 17 - "Bad Dreams" Olivia's kitchen

Question 8 - Episode 5 - "Power Hungry" at Joseph Meegar's work

Question 9 - Episode 20 - "There's More Than One of Everything" the alternate reality

Question 10 - Episode 17 - "Bad Dreams"  Nick's wall of clippings


Here are the photos for you to refer to…no cheating now!

Question #1….Question #2….Question #3….Question #4….Question #5

Question #6….Question #7….Question #8….Question #9….Question #10

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Trivia/Quizz #2 - Name that Character

Each of the following images is one of the guest characters.  Can you name them?












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Trivia/Quizz #1 - Walter’s Quotes

Each of the following questions contain one of my favorite Walterisms.  Which episode did Walter say each quote?



Question #1: Things like this used to happen in the lab all the time. Makes me nostalgic.

Question #2: Unless you have an IQ higher than mine, I’m not interested in what you think.

Question #3:

PETER: You brought your own sweetener?

WALTER: Don’t be ridiculous. It’s my medication.

PETER: You’re not on any medication, Walter.

WALTER: Of course I am. I’ve been making it myself in the lab.

Question #4: Ho ho ho ho! My son finally agrees with me! Uh, Agent Farnsworth, take a note of that.

Question #5:


OLIVIA: What? What happened?

WALTER: I just pissed myself.

PETER: Excellent.

WALTER: Just a squirt.

Question #6: I have noticed that you have a habit of referring to me as if I’m not in the room. Does anyone care what I think?

Question #7: Safe sex is important. You do always have your sexual partners wear a condom, I hope.

Question #8:

WALTER: Well, that’s the question. And one which we should pose to whoever was treating her. Which makes three questions. The other one being, what exactly happened here?

PETER: That’s only two questions.

WALTER: Oh… is it? Oh, the third question! Um, could I get some of this onion soup? It looks delicious.

Question #9: PETER: Are you okay? Did you take something? WALTER: Psychedelics? No, not since Thursday, no.

Question #10: I was in Baltimore. I remember a woman with particularly large breasts.

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“The Harbinger E”

Here’s a quick puzzle for everyone. This was originally posted on Fringe Division Forum; which is the official site of the creative team behind Fringe.  Sponsored by J.J. Abrams and Massive Dynamic.


The Harbinger E


Pray tell where to begin
Around the circle and back again
This shall be massive
Twisting the dynamics
Enlisting the fractiles
Resurrecting the titanics
None but a few know where each part must be put

Enlist thy friends for the games afoot