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May 13,

Alternate Reality Newspaper – 120

Easter Eggs | Fringe - 120 There's More Than One Of Everything | Theories & Speculation | Posted by Scully

Here is the Newspaper that was sitting on William Bell’s desk, in his office on the top floor of one of the twin towers in New York City. – Did 9/11 not happen or have they rebuilt already?


New York Post


Date: Thursday/Tuesday, May 1?, 20??


Price: 25 cents




#1 – Obama set to move into new White House.  Did something happen to the original white house?  Did the Flight from 9/11 hit and destroy the white house as planned and they already rebuilt?


#2 – Former Pres. Kennedy to address UN. – So was JFK not assassinated, or did one of the other Kennedy boys make it to the white house?  JFK would be in is 90′s if he’s not dead.  The pic kind of looks like Senator Edward M. Kennedy or even Ted Kennedy.


#3 – Celtics Sweep!  Lyn Bias wins MVP. – He actually died before playing for the Celtics.  Today, he would be 46 years of age, a little old to be winning MVP.


#4 – Stock Markets Remain Closed – 21 Days & Counting.


Any theories?

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11 Responses to “Alternate Reality Newspaper – 120”

  1. vini

    time or age are completely different from our universe, we wont find logic on aging for example if the medicine is too much advanced than ours … many many possibilities …

  2. pr3sidentspence

    If there was more than one former president Kennedy, you’d think they would specify.

  3. ariannejean

    I saw an interview saying it was JFK.

  4. Mic

    I would think so too, pr3sidentspence. It also looks like a picture of JFK I’ve seen before, just aged now. would it take 8 years to build a new White House? Or was 9/11 only postponed, not completely averted?

  5. vini

    Ah Mic, good points either … anyway, many possibilities on the plate now right … from where arian took this spoiler ?
    the only thing that i know for now is that i was expecting to hear more from Willian Bell … was disappointing for me, just 2 sentences …

  6. Mic

    @vini– Had they not stolen 5 or 10 minutes from Fringe for Idol… Who knows what he would have said?

    Hhmm, it could be Bobby Kennedy too, couldn’t it?

    Does it look like the building in the picture for “Stock Market Closed” is damaged to anyone else?

  7. it's JFK

    Pinker says it’s JFK in an interview … he also says 9/11 didn’t happen … you can find clips of it on the official Fringe wiki site, just FYI if it hasn’t been mentioned yet.

    And the price of the New york Post dropped from 50 to 25 cents in 2000 in an attempt to compete with their competition.

  8. Andrew

    Wouldn’t it support 9/11 not happening since she’s in what looks to be the twin towers? Considering how touchy people can be about 9/11, maybe JJ had something completely unrelated happen to the Whitehouse, and that particular act of terrorism didn’t happen.

  9. Vini


  10. efrc

    obama has sons?

  11. Scully

    @efrc: No, he has two daughters -Malia Ann & Natash (who they call Sasha). The problem is that it is not a very flattering photo of the girls. Here is the original photo…

    http://observersarehere.com/wp-content/uploads/ /05/obama_photo_120.jpg

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