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Oct 17,

205 – Dream Logic

Fringe - 205 Dream Logic | Posted by Scully

Original Airdate: October 15,


Dream Logic

Dream Logic


Synopsis: The Fringe team travels cross-country to Seattle after learning of a mysterious incident involving a man who attacked his boss because he believed he was an evil ram-horned creature. As these puzzlingoccurrences continue, the team tirelessly explores strange and creepy links to dreams. In pursuit of additional information, Agent Broyles has a disconcerting meeting with enigmatic Massive Dynamic executive Nina Sharp that leads the investigation in an unthinkable direction.



Walter: “I promise to wear my shorts to bed so that if you bring any young ladies home, there won’t be any embarrassing moments.”


My Thoughts:

What a fantastic episode!  I found the main story line to be a bit predictable and not very intriguing.  To me, the question of who the bad guy was…was obvious. And the concept of somebody being addicted to dreams was sort of boring, but the smaller story elements are what made this episode exceptional.

First we have this whole business card game with Olivia and Sam Weiss.  It left me wondering how she came to have the message “You’re gonna be fine”.  Was it a subconscious thing on Olivia’s part, or does Sam have some sort of magic power that we don’t know about?  Her message related not only to her struggle to recover from her accident and her trip to the other side, but also to her inner struggle with what happened to/with Charlie.  I love seeing the softer side of Olivia, when it’s not over-done.

One of my favorite character moments was Walter’s seemingly unreasonable fear of Seattle.  Just the smell reminded him of St. Claire’s Hospital, and it scared the bejezzus out of him.  The child-like fear was very touching and my heart went out to him, but it left me wondering about a question that they have never answered…What happened to Walter at St. Claires?

I think we will all agree that the best moment in this episode was at the end.  Peter has a dream of what I can only assume, is the night Walter crossed over into another world and abducted Peter.  This is a small lead-in to one of the most awaited moments for me…the moment when Peter discovers the truth about his past and who he really is.

Sam Weiss said that Olivia’s life was a nightmare.  Little did he know, when he said those words, that it applies to Peter and Walter as well.  I loved the way they tied it all together with all of our main characters having haunting memories.  If I had any one of their lives…I would have nightmares too!  No wonder Walter takes so many drugs!

I hate that we have to wait three weeks to continue where we have left off!

4 Responses to “205 – Dream Logic”

  1. Wudchuk

    LOVED this episode as well!

    Maybe this is too obvious for this site, but I was struck that Olivia going through the loss of Charlie is setup for her to help Peter understand Walter’s motivations for going to get him from the other universe.

    My Favorite Walterism from this one: The ride back was invigorating. The turbulence over Ohio was like being in the belly of a seizing whale. I screamed like a little girl.


  2. ariannejean

    three weeks to continue where we have left off?
    Is this weeks episode a rerun then?

  3. Jo

    What ever happened to the comic book reviews. We can do that while we wait (cheeky smile)

  4. Scully

    @ Jo: Good idea about filling this time off with comic reviews. I will start working on it.