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Sep 26, 2009

202 – Night of Desirable Objects

Fringe - 202 Night of Desirable Objects | Posted by Scully

Original Airdate: September 24, 2009


Night of Desirable Objects

Night of Desirable Objects


Synopsis: A highway construction worker in rural Pennsylvania goes missing when he is mysteriously drawn into an underground tunnel filled with human remains. Meanwhile, back in the lab…Walter is attempting to simulate travel between realities on frogs. When it’s discovered that the disappearance in Pennsylvania is not an isolated incident, the Fringe team travels to the crime scene to unearth evidence.


Tidbits: The number ’42′ appears in this episode, on the bulldozer near the beginning of the episode.
EDIT: This is my mistake…It’s not the number ’42′ that is relevant to us, it is the number ’47′.

Fringe Fumbles:


Peter: “How’s it going Walter?”

Walter: “I plan to urinate in 23 minutes.


My Thoughts:

I was a little bit disappointed to have a stand-alone episode so early in the season.  I was hoping for more mythology and ties to either William Bell, ZFT or some other strange and mysterious bad guys.  Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed the already used and very X-file-ish story-line of genetic manipulation gone bad, but I think that it is time to branch out into some new and unexplored areas of Fringe science.

So…Olivia has a new super power…bionic hearing…interesting (Lindsay Wagner would be jealous).  As a government agent, this power should come in quite handy.  I wonder how many other side effects she will have from her ‘travels’?

The moment of bonding between Peter and Walter was definitely my favorite scene this week.  Walter is so blissfully ignorant that you can’t help but feel for him, and I love that Peter is reaching out and trying to mend bridges with his father.  I look forward to seeing more moments like this during Season 2.

I do have to say…I don’t like evil Charlie!  I suppose that is the point, but I was really just starting to warm up to him as a ‘Fringe’ character and BOOM…eeeevil…wha ah ah!  What I did like was the way Peter seemed to sense that someone was watching them or that something wasn’t right.  I hope we see more of that side of Peter in the future.

What is up with Amy Jessup and Bibles????????

Was that Sheriff’s name really Golightly??? How odd.

Over all, it was an OK episode, but not one that I would watch over and over again.  I hope next week will be a little more up to the standards that I have set for ‘Fringe’.  Maybe that’s a little harsh, but these are just MY thoughts.

4 Responses to “202 – Night of Desirable Objects”

  1. afro

    Hey ppl, just a small detail i picked up and is bothering me.

    Last season it was obvious in a few episodes, but i didn’t say anything. But in 202 it was kind of screaming.

    Walters right eye is fake, it’s a glass eye.

    Just wanted to let you guys and gals know, in case you have any idea if it’s relevant.

    Keep up the good work :-)

  2. Charlotte

    I was wondering. That eye, the right one was…off. I’m glad it wasn’t just me. I guess it will be discussed later. It was making me wonder for a minute if we were in yet again anoter reality.

  3. s.

    42, wow. just loved. for those who do not know, 42 is the answer to life, the universe and everything in the best-selling novel by Douglas Adams ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy’.

  4. Scully

    @ Charlotte: Good catch! We had wondered about the eye thing last season. I believe it was discovered that John Noble had cataract surgery. The lenses of the eye are removed and replaced with synthetic ones…so the lights reflect off of those.