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Timeline - Part 3 - 1980-1989

Season 1 | Posted by Scully

Here is part 3 of the timeline.  You can view Part 1 (1900-1969) and Part 2 (1970-1979) here.



3/26/1980—–Susan Pratt & Nancy Lewis born in Jacksonville, FL - photo “The Road Not Taken”
1981———-Cortexiphan experiments at Ohio State University & in Jacksonville, FL - quote “Ability”

OLIVIA: (on the phone to Peter as she drives) No matter what Jones believes - I was never given that drug. William Bell conducted his trials in Ohio. In 1981, I was three, living in Jacksonville, Florida. My dad was stationed at the naval Base there.

1981———-Risa Pears born - quote “Bad Dreams”

PETER: We’re as safe as houses. What can you tell us about this suicide?

POLICE OFFICER: Just like it said in the papers, Risa Pears, 28, decided to take a header in front of the ‘Seven Train’.

1/1982——–Rubi Dubois born - photo “The Transformation”
1982———-Astrid Farnsworth born in Norristown, PA - promo poster
1983———-Cortexiphan experiments abandoned - quote “Ability”

NINA: Yes… the drugs were extensively animal tested. They were harmless to the children who received them. Unfortunately, they were also unsuccessful - so Doctor Bell abandoned his research on Cortexiphan in 1983.

1983———-Walter builds magnetic neurostimulator - quote “Ghost Network”

WALTER: I would need a specific piece of equipment. Magnetic neurostimulator I built in 1983. With a few adjustments, it would work.

1983———-Peter builds Walter a popsicle napkin holder - quote “The Road Not Taken”

WALTER: Thank you, son. (to Astrid) You know, when he was five, he — he built me a popsicle napkin holder. Dreadful design. Utterly useless.

6/09/1984—–Samantha Gilmore born - photo “Inner Child”
1984———-Walter gets his lab centrifuge - quote “Midnight”

NICHOLAS BOONE: Your centrifuge is twenty years old.

WALTER: Oh, twenty-five. It’s an oldie, but a goody. I also have a cow.

1985———-Original Peter dies - tombstone “The Road Not Taken”
1985———-Walter gives a lecture in Syracuse - quote “Safe”

CHARLIE: According to your travel records, in 1985, you gave a lecture at Syracuse University. Now, these photos are of banks in the Syracuse area. Does any of this trigger anything in your mind?

1985———-Walter acquires three safe deposit boxes to hold parts of his teleportation device
————–quote “Safe”

WALTER: I don’t know. I don’t know where - because I can’t remember why I put things into the boxes.

PETER: All right, so let me get this straight. You can remember traveling around the country 23 years ago, renting all these safety deposit boxes under assumed names… but you can’t remember why?

1985———-Walter was in Heidelberg, Germany - labnotes “In Which We Meet Mr. Jones”
6/22/1987—–The first sighting of the ‘beacon’ at Quantico, VA. - quote & photo “The Arrival”

OLIVIA: What can you tell me about Quantico? Nineteen-Eighty-Seven?

HENRY JACOBSON: Master Sergeant Stuart Malick. He was at his post at the Marine base on the night of June Twenty-Second. His job was to watch the motion sensors, perimeter security, to ensure that there was no breach at the base. Except on that night, the sensors went nuts. What we found was this. Metallic cylinder, twenty-four inches tall, twelve inches in diameter. He assumed it fell from the sky. That perhaps it was a piece of a satellite. Except it wasn’t. Stranger still, although it seemed to be a solid piece of hard metal, - it was vibrating.

1987 or 88—–Allizee Zeva born Feb 29 - March 20 (Pisces) - My Space profile

1988———-Olivia’s stepfather leaves after she shoots him - quote “The Cure”

OLIVIA: You’re right. I’m sorry.… I… I’m sorry. Fine. I have a stepfather, and when he drank, he accused my mom of seeing other men, and then he’d hit her. And she’d just live with it. Never called police, not once. Then one day, he beat her really bad and broke her nose. I was nine.

1989———-Walter does experiments with hybrid animals for Kelvin Genetics
————–quote “Unleashed”

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4 Responses to “Timeline - Part 3 - 1980-1989”

  1. Alex Torma

    Since we assume that the peter we know is the one from an alternate dimension, wouldnt it be more accurate to say the in 1985, the original Peter dies and alter-Peter is brought into our world?

  2. Mic

    @Scully– I think Roy was a sophomore about 1988 which would be when Walter was experimenting with the ghost network…

    PETER: Roy McComb was one of your test subjects.

    WALTER: Of course. Yes! That explains it, doesn’t it?

    PETER: Explains it? Yes, that explains why he almost died today. Because you injected something into his brain nearly 20 years ago.

    Also there’s something you might be able to check better than I can (and you may want to wait until you review episode 3), but pay close attention to the scene when Walter asks for the axial images of Roy McComb’s MRI. There is a date of July 29 on the computer screen, I believe. Whether it’s a fumble or a clue to the timeline, I’m not really sure, but it almost fits with Roy’s visions beginning 9 months before if you take the 9/15/07 date on the one drawing at face value.

  3. Scully

    @ Alex: You’re right, it was the original Peter that died. Changes made, thanks.

  4. Scully

    @ Mic: Nice catches. I will be watching ep3 thursday, and will keep my ears and eyes open.

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