May 23, 2009

Timeline - Part 2 - 1970-1979

Season 1 | Posted by Scully

Here is part 2 of the timeline.  You can view Part 1 (1900-1969) here.


1970———-Walter experiments on rodentia using  mental transference and theta-wave commingling ——————labnotes “Pilot”

7/18/1971—-Joseph Aaron Smith born - photo “In Which We Meet Mr. Jones”

1972———-Walter worked on protocontagion for DOD - quote “Pilot”

Harvard Lab - Diagnosis

WALTER: (in background) Seventy-two, during Vietnam, DOD’s BioChem Division had us working on a protocontagion for a possible use against Vietcong. It’s possible that whatever affected that plane may have been derived from that work.

OLIVIA: What about John?

1974———-Walter dates a girl named Phyllis - labnotes “Midnight”

1975———-FBI asks Walter to use his brain-transmission technology to help solve a murder - quote —————–“In Which We Meet Mr. Jones”.

WALTER: In ‘75, the FBI asked me to use this procedure. Someone had been murdered. But I don’t recall his name. Hmm. James, I believe. Or Jimmy. They wanted to identify his assassin. Union leader I think.

PETER: Jimmy Hoffa?

1976———-Walter theorizes about shared dreams - quote “Pilot”

OLIVIA: What do you mean ’shared dream state’?

WALTER: Human brain generates a quantifiable electric field. I hypothesized in 1976 that it is possible to synchronize the fields of two distinct minds to allow the sharing of information across the unconscious state, like a string between two tin cans.

1976———-Charlie Francis born in Trenton, New Jersey - promo poster

1976———-Bob Dunn born - quote “Midnight”

Crime Scene - Dunn Apartment

CHARLIE: Victim’s name was Bob Dunn, he was thirty -three years old. His girlfriend. Got back from a business trip in Portland. Couldn’t reach him. She found him here. No forced entry. No witnesses.

1978———-Walter experiments with aging - quote “Same Old Story”

WALTER: Done. Test is complete. You underestimate me. Which I suppose I deserve. But… wonderful news all around. D.N.A. results confirm my suspicions that the woman was impregnated by a man who is the result of experiments identical to those conducted by me in this very lab around 30 years ago.

1978———-Peter Bishop born in Cambridge, Mass. - promo poster

12/14/1978–Agent Evelina Mendoza born - photo “The Ghost Network”

3/18/1978—Nick Lane admitted to St. Jude hospital - photo “Bad Dreams”

5/1978——-Noel Dubois born - photo “The Transformation”

1978 or 79—Olivia Dunham born in Fayetteville, NC - promo poster

10/12/1979–Nick Lane born (1year after he was admitted to the hospital) - photo - “Bad Dreams”

3/1979——–Joanne Ostler born - quote “The Equation”

OLIVIA: (answers phone) Dunham.

CHARLIE: It’s me. Based on the description by the father, I I.D.’d your kidnapper. Name is Joanne Ostler. She was a neurologist studying at M.I.T. She would have been thirty this March.

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7 Responses to “Timeline - Part 2 - 1970-1979”

  1. Mic

    Are you sure Olivia’s birthdate wouldn’t be in 1978, Scully? She turned 30 in the fall of 2008 (per the airing of “The Cure.”) Also, when Charlie says Joanne Ostler “would have been 30 this March” I think that implies her 30th birthday is in March 2009 (the episode also aired in 2008) and her birthdate in March 1979.

  2. Scully Scully

    There has been some question about Olivia’s birthdate…according to the Official Fringe Bio (released in 2008) she was 29, that would put her born in 1979. Although it’s possible that she hadn’t had her birthday yet at that point, putting her birthdate in 1978.

    In ‘Ability’, she said she was 3 in 1981, which could put her birthday in 1978, the same age as Peter, but according to the bios, Peter is one year older than Olivia.

    In ‘The Cure’ she had a birthday, but I don’t recall her saying that she was turning 30. (do you remember when that was said?)

    Anyways, I decided to go with the Official date of 1979, but who knows for sure.

    As for Joanne Ostler, I think you’re right, I will change that.

  3. Mic

    Put that way, I can certainly see your logic. I can’t say I recall either that a certain age was mentioned during that episode. I guess I assumed that it was her 30th birthday because the bio (released before/on/about the start of the season, correct?) said 29 and then the next birthday that we knew about would be 30. You’re right though– don’t know for certain.

    If they are trying for some continuity in the show, her birthday should be around mid to late October.

  4. Mic

    Another date for your timeline, Scully, from “In Which We Meet Mr. Jones.”

    WALTER: In ‘75, the FBI asked me to use this procedure. Someone had been murdered. But I don’t recall his name. Hmm. James, I believe. Or Jimmy. They wanted to identify his assassin. Union leader I think.

    PETER: Jimmy Hoffa?

  5. Scully Scully

    @ Mic: that’s an awesome catch, thanks, I will add it in.

  6. Mic

    Have you been able to get hold of the comics yet? Between Walter’s memories popping up in the lab notes and occurences in the comics, there are a few more dates you’ll be able to fill in, or at least approximate, on your timeline. Also I have a wicked theory I would like to get everyone’s thoughts on, but I don’t want to post until I know I won’t spoil it for you. I’m very interested to see if we come to some similar conclusions about certain clues!

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