Nov 26, 2008

The Zeno connection

Easter Eggs | Fringe - 109 The Dreamscape | Theories & Speculation | Posted by Scully

After Olivia turns off her computer, it restarts itself.  We can see a blue screen with text.  If you zoom in, you can see the name ‘ZenoFX Multimedia’…

On Olivia's computer

On Olivia


If you remember, in Olivia’s dream sequence in the pilot episode, there was a kayak…

On the kayak

On the kayak


Zeno is mentioned on the MD website in the aerospace & transportation section…

“Travel time follows a power law, decreasing by a given factor year by year. MD’s Zeno-Transit Initiative aims to take that process to the limit, making near-instantaneous travel a reality in your lifetime.”


I will be watching closely for more clues about Zeno.

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