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Looking back at 112 - “The No-Brainer”

Fringe - 112 The No-Brainer | Posted by Scully

The No-Brainer


What did we miss?

- In “The Dreamscape” we saw Olivia’s computer bootup screen with Zeno on it.  We can see it again in this episode on Akim’s computer.  The number ‘128000′ after ‘Memory Test’ seems to be in a different font, is there some meaning to it?


What theories were overlooked?

- I was originally going to put this under unanswered questions, but the more I think about it, the more I wonder if there is something I might have overlooked the first time around.  I wondered why Ella didn’t seem to be effected by the computer virus.  Did Brian Dempsey turn it off before any damage could be done?  Was it just meant as a warning, like Olivia suggested?  Or is there something more going on here?  Some weird things have happened since Ella’s arrival.  She gives Olivia an eight-ball, which essentially leads Olivia to discover that Loeb was the man who abducted her.  She has a book titled “What’s that Noise” and the computer program begins with those very words.  She played ‘Operation’ with Olivia and attempts to remove the brain…the same day a case with liquefied brains drops in Olivia’s lap.  And now a computer virus that kills people doesn’t effect her.  So is it possible that Ella is part of the pattern?  Is she empathic in some way and doesn’t even know it?  Maybe she also has been treated with Cortexifan or was a part of some other experiment.  I am looking forward to watching for more of these connections during the rest of the ‘Looking Back’ series.

- When Peter said to Olivia…”I’ve never had him in my life“, in reference to Walter, it really got me thinking.  Peter is 30 and Walter has been in the institution for 17 years, so what happened to the other 13 years?  O.K., so even if Peter isn’t Peter and has no memories of the first 7-8 years, that still leaves 5 years or so that he and his father should have been together.  Was Peter making reference to the fact that Walter was never home, and was always at work?  So does that mean the mother was still in the picture at that time or was Peter taking care of himself?  Did something happen to estrange them when Peter was just a child?   Was it Walter’s experiments or was it something else?  Did Walter not live up to the ‘father’ that Peter was familiar with?  Just a thought.


How have the characters developed?

- Let’s talk Peter and Rachel.  This is another relationship that I hope never sees the light of day.  I actually shivered every time they had one of their moments.  Last week it seemed to be all about Olivia and this week it’s Rachel.  Let’s just stick to the science people!

- Broyles stepped it up a notch this week with his defense of Olivia.  He actually laid his own job on the line to try to keep Harris off of her back.  This is the side of Broyles that I wish we would see more of.

- This is the first time Walter calls Astrid by her name: “Be right back, Agent Farnsworth” Yeah, Walter!  Now if he can just remember her first name, we might be getting somewhere.

- I loved the fact that Peter seemed to be quite afraid that digging up the past would upset Walter and destroy the progress that him and his father have made since Walter’s release from the hospital.  It was touching to realize that Peter is growing attached to Walter and endears the relationship they are building.


What questions were never answered?

- I’m not sure if this is an unanswered question or if it’s a fumble.  When Olivia rushes to her apartment and crashes through the front door knowing that someone in the house is downloading a virus on the computer that kills people…she sees Ella with a computer on her lap.  Why does she not run over and take the computer away from Ella?  She takes the time to ask Rachel a few questions and have a look around.  Does that make any sense?

- What did Walter want with the baboon seminal fluid?

- What really happened to Carla Warren?

- What was the significance of the images shown in the computer virus?  The second image says ‘Lou’…who is Lou?  The fourth and fifth images definitely remind me of the explosion seen when the beacon went back into the ground.  The eighth image looks like the skull of some weird creature.  The sixteenth image looks like a leaf in a hand…but it doesn’t have six fingers.  There is also a lighthouse, a burnt doll head and lots of fire.  Any ideas anyone?


What tie was Broyles wearing?


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  1. immortallies

    i think the font change was just them changing what the real number was to something that fit their needs.

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